Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exposing a fake/ trouble maker, fraud.

Tom's Journal.

I would like all to know about some cowardly twerp/ loser, who is trying to post things on my blog comments, who 'identifies' himself with the name of, "Schuckman's Conscience" -- who has deliberately set up a false, hollow URL/ "Blog" that has no way of replying/ commenting/ contacting/ or positive ID... to him, and he leaves no way to email him. I guess he has so much time on his hands and has no life of his own, so he gets his jollies out of pestering and tormenting others on-line. I feel sorry for him... lol. A Christian would NOT do that, and I resent him using my family name at all! I will send a copy of this info to the 240th AHC, the old Army outfit I served in from 69-70 to expose him and discredit him as a coward and piece of trash that he is. He has also taken the title of: 'Captain of the 240th.' What kind of officer would stoop this low??
Since I added monitor controls to pre- read and delete the few goof balls that don't have a life, the public won't see his comments anymore. What a loser.... punk. Get a life!

Tom Schuckman

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