Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting a new battery charger for the Golden Avenger scooter.

Tom's Journal.

You have to see these pictures:

This set of pix was sent to me from some old friends, Steve and Barb Brulport. thanks!

After searching for the place in Sheboygan, WI where I bought my Golden Avenger
power scooter on-line, I talked
to the big guy, Matt, who helped me reason that my problem might be the battery
charger, and not the batteries
so I ordered another charger that should be here in 2 days. More money... lol.
I called Sharon to tell her these things and promised that if I can re-charge the
batteries with my own trickle charger designed for motorcycle batteries, I will
visit her tomorrow.
She wants me to bring her some things, like a house coat, etc.

Sharon tells me that they treat her very well, kind, and expect her to make fine
progress so she can come home finally.
However, yesterday a nurse's aid forgot to re-plug Sharon's respirator back in
and Sharon had a hard time breathing!
While everyone makes mistakes-- when the 'medical profession' does so-- people
die or get injured! [See: VA hospitals]
I told her to report this to the head shift RN, not to punish the girl, but to make
sure it
does not happen again. How would that NA feel if some patient died because
she wasn't paying attention to her job?? Sharon became sick because of the
'mistake' and was
cut off from her oxygen for 4 hours.
Other than that small incident, Sharon has no complaints, even about the food,
and she said
that she gets right up by herself and walks to the nurse's station outside her room
to ask for help or info, and the staff is pleased with her progress. The next
important step
is for her to get rid of the tracheotomy tube, etc, with respirator. That will be
big step, and then she
needs to work on her endurance to get her strength back to try and lead a more
normal life.

I have adapted somewhat to my 'single' living alone, but it's still kind of lonely.
Now I realize how much dogs and cats comfort people. And our wonder dog, 'Deuce'
is more obedient to me alone, knowing that I am kind and loving-- but I mean
business-- but |I have what is called, a "command voice" that gets his attention,
so the
dog trainer said when she let us adopt the dog from Rottweiler Rescue. She
was a smart
trainer and loves her job, and the dogs.
Yet, Deuce and the cat have lost some weight in the past 3 weeks because I believe
they miss
their mistress, Sharon. I believe that they mourn just as humans do-- but I may
be wrong and am not an expert on dog emotions.
I still have a busy day ahead of me and better get cracking even in the cold rain.
Got to go to the post office, store, and work in the garage in the back yard.
It's a muddy quagmire in the back yard in the Spring time, but Sharon claims
that we
need the rain.
I call her up several times a day, and she likes that.

Don't be afraid to comment. I publish them as soon as I read them--
and it's only for a few
dumb losers/ perverts that I even have this new screening system in use.
I really enjoy all your comments and kindness and will be commenting more on
from now on-- now that things on the home front have settled down! PTL.

Have a great day!



garnett109 said...

4 hours off the vent, I'd be causing all hell if it were Me!
Just my opinion.

Carolyn said...

HI Tom, I am happy that Shaon is making such good progress. I hope you get your scooter recharged! Have a Blessed week~ PS- Duece and the Kitty will be so happy when SHaron comes home, but if they are like any other dogs and cats I know, they will ignore her for a day or so to show that they are "mad" at her for leaving them lol! God Bless Tom!

madcobug said...

I hope you get that power chair fixed soon. That was a bad mistake leaving the oxygen off Sharon all that long. I know animals grieve when their owners are gone.
God Bless. Helen