Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A longer Drive in the Morning.

Tom's Journal.

I don't want to count my chickens or celebrate yet-- but for now I am somewhat satisfied about Sharon's leap of progress. She had a nurse call from her new 1020, the new, different hospital in Milwaukee, to tell me that I should bring some things for her when I come in tomorrow. As always, there is no set rule or time before she can come home from Rehab, and it depends on the progress of the individual. I would think that older people would take longer to heal and recoup/ rehab. But I also think that good spirits and emotional well being are key to recovery.

I cooked/ roasted a leg of lamb today and had a fine time trying to figure out the new digital oven... lol, but it turned out pretty good, and I shared a few small pieces with my Rotty hound, and the cat. I also find that I spend a lot less money when I am home alone, but constantly need to make a list of things I need, for the VA cleaning lady to use, like today. Things are working out. I get good advice from friends like Debbie, Carolyn, Wanda Jane, Steve Brulport, Wayne B., etc. I just made a new friend from Canada, named Rick, the carpenter, and I would ask all my friends and readers to consider his son, Jay, in their prayers, please, who is battling a disease.

Sometimes, as I have noted before, the understanding and solution of a major problem is very simple, and some feel that it just can't be that true and simple [by the world's standards], and they dismiss the whole thing, letting something great get lost and slip through their hands. Trouble is: Many of us only get ONE SHOT AT SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT AS EVERLASTING LIFE IN HEAVEN WITH JESUS CHRIST!! I have had MANY chances to get right with God and learn His Word, but the Lord has been so long suffering, patient, and loving with me, sticking with me to see the conclusion and my final acceptance of the supreme, correct TRUTH of salvation and correct mindset !! I understand now what some of my biggest obstacles were, and I have mentioned them before. One of the biggest enemies we have is our pride. Then perhaps our selfishness and greed. Then perhaps laziness and complacence. I suppose it's 'different strokes for different folks', and one man's weakness might be another person's strong point. All we have to do is crack open the Bible and READ about these things-- and I think that the short 4 chapter book of Philippians is a good way to find out just what is the most important thing for us to realize and understand at this point in time! The apostle Paul put his love for Christ FIRST-- and all the rest of things as one big dung heap. All of the above mentioned sins might contribute to us NOT opening that wonderful book, but if people centuries ago were able to read, understand and assimilate the Bible-- we can too! You would think that all our time, energy and labor saving conveniences we have now days would give us more time to read... but reading and writing are fast becoming a "lost art." And please don't depend on the U.S. public school system to teach our kids English reading and writing.... lol. Come to think of it-- I didn't see ANY kids walking to school today. Was this 'Holy Sodomites' / Gay Day' ???

As for me, I don't much worry any more about the people who don't want to read the BOOK-- just those who hunger for the TRUTH about the Gospel and Jesus Christ, that perhaps I might help them find what they need in time. We can't cry over spilled milk or past sins, hardships, failures, sicknesses and deaths too much-- although I feel that I cried a river of tears these past few weeks because of all the pain and hardship my poor wife went thru with her open heart surgery, etc. Wow, what a bummer! Now should be our most busy time doing the work that the Lord wants us to do. I would think that one of the very few things holding back the Lord's Rapture, and Wrath for the wicked unbelievers, is the 'hungry souls still left out in the world who need to get into the Master's select group for salvation [for free]!' God, and His magnificent MERCY, Grace, loving kindness and Love! A friend reminds me of God's Mercy often when I complain about the wicked world growing worse every day, and why the Lord doesn't move on them now. He reminds me that I was one of those wicked sinners [and him too] not too long ago-- until I saw the light of salvation, and caught that light exactly at the right time-- at the right place, from the right people-- when my ears and heart were open.

There will always be jerky, goofy, scoffers right up to the end [mentioned in 2 Peter] -- but before that time God's salvation is yet available. Personally, I never liked to come in at the last minute or gamble with things that are so important. I like a good wide margin of safety-- and I don't care to see how close to the fire I can get without singeing my wings. And for those of us who have 'gifts and talents' I think it is certainly a sin if we don't use them further the Lord's work in witnessing to others in good season and bad. I will listen to any godly, biblical advice from fellow believers-- but not from any one too cowardly to give their proper name, ID and return email address. They are just clowns, fools and losers... LOL, not having a life of their own.

I will try harder not to be distracted by the gnats and flies that buzz around us, having no real, meaningful life of their own, bored, jaded and full of hurtful actions. They belong to their 'father--Satan the devil' and they must know that their 'season' is just about done and well on their way to the 'pit'.

Why don't we form a group of believers and share our different techniques about how we witness to others, our successes and stories, good positive news? Let us try to transcend the daily rat race, depressing news, corruption and utter failure of lying politicians who put on their silly showy displays. Let's not burn up our time talking too much about goofy 'movie stars', wanton junk, TV, that we don't need, and the mundane.
I am going to try harder to build up-- not dwell on the negative. Time is getting to be more precious all the time, IMHO.


Your Friend,

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John said...

Thanks for stopping by.I will be praying for your wife and your new friends son Jay.Keep your faith and let us know when your wife comes HOME I have a friend new to the blog world could you stop by