Thursday, April 16, 2009

The 'Sharon Chronicles,' -- Thursday, 4-16-09

Tom's Journal.

Hello Guys and Gals,
I saw Sharon today and will email all the 'Faithful' about the details about where she is now. It's a nice place, very calm, clean and comfortable, quiet, and I left the new book I was raving about that Wayne B gave me so she has something to do constructively. Maybe the other reason she lost so much weight is because of her diabetic diet [super bland.. lol], but she is not complaining and does not want me to bring any 'extras.' She does have the bananas and oranges yet. I am feeding her cat, 'Cuddles' some of my personal stock of sardines, and she ate half a can today when I got home from my daily 'road trip.' A few neighbors in Union Grove are now asking about my wife's welfare and progress too.

The new place of Rehab is so huge that it's easy for me to get lost, but I have no fear or pride asking anyone I grab for info, and all are kind and cheerful.

Sunny day, 58 degrees F. and beautiful!! I am counting my blessings and putting my quiet home time to good use in reading the new study NASB bible I just bought-- but I will give that one away to Sharon tomorrow, and her purse, etc. I also purchased another NASB bible on-line last night, plus 2 more "Simply Jesus" books and a complete bible NASB on CD's to listen to while relaxing--- big spender. I think I will buy 1/10th of a Troy ounce of fine gold for my wife, with part of our Fed check tax return bread-- so I can give her something tangible that won't lose it's value, no matter what happens, for about $120., and that's a deal ! There will be plenty of cold cash for her too when she comes home if she wants to go shopping... lol. We just may save up for an 'Oxygen concentrator' to help her breathe in case our insurance gets 'obama-tized' inthe future, even though we have my Chrysler Ins, etc., but I like to plan ahead, and not leave our survival left up the the Gov't ... after what happened in New Orleans during Katrina... lol. I am just waiting to see how the 'next calamity is handled by this new administration. They would be the last people I would trust with our welfare, as FEMA just couldn't cut it last time!

I brought her little fan from home to keep her cool today that she requested via nurse last night -- and that was a 'God-send' for her, as she cannot tolerate heat. She asked me NOT to send or bring flowers... just my kisses and hugs. I better start making a list right now for my run in the morning. Good Night, friends.

Auf Dich Nur Wart' Ich Immerzu - Dusty Springfield



garnett109 said...

Well that is great Tom sounds like she is healing nicely.

madison said...

I'm so glad your wife is doing so much better.