Monday, May 4, 2009

Chrysler Shut down for a while.

Tom's Journal.

Temporary Shut Down of Chrysler Kenosha Plant Today

By Diane Znamierowski

KENOSHA - Chrysler assembly lines will close across the country today as part of it's restructuring plan.

The automaker just filed for bankruptcy and agreed to shut down temporarily.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin lawmakers are looking for ways to keep the Kenosha plant open.

The company announced Friday it will shutdown permanently by December of 2010.

Well, Friends, I have had a love/ hate relationship with AMC/ Chrysler as I worked for them 30.5 years and retired at age 54, in 2002. I know for a fact that those hard, dirty and dangerous jobs on the assembly line chase most people/ 'new hires' away, but the pay and benefits were good. There were all many traumatic injuries, amputations, and deaths because of unsafe working conditions, like "HP Pneumonia" ,etc. The rest of us developed an immunity of sorts, but some say that we will carry those oil based lubrication and coolant mists and 'blue clouds' in the working place in our lungs forever. So... I strongly dislike to hear that 'I was lucky to have had such a good paying job!' I earned my pay every single day!

I want to stress that there is tons of evidence that the Local 72 UAW Union hailed Mr. Obama as their hero and savior time and time again, and they wanted us all to vote for him! See the: 'Kenosha, WI- Labor Paper.' etc. The Unions have always voted Democrat, as far as I can remember. The Union can be good and bad. It certainly protects the worker against tyranny and abuse of the slave driving supervision and cleans up unsafe areas and situations. But it also protects the lazy, worthless, drunken, drugged, abusive "worker" who threatens and disturbs other good employees. I personally have seen good and bad union stewards in my tenure, and abuses, favoritism, cronyism and nepotism .

Bottom line: In this case of Gov't meddling / Obama, Chrysler, and the UAW Union [an unholy alliance], IMHO, has made a pact with the 'devil' of sorts and now they are paying the price. Many people will suffer, including my friends, work mates and me too! But I saw this coming, and you can read my past blogs to find proof. Too, I don't believe or trust anything Obama, the Gov't or Chrysler and the Union say anymore. Sorry, that's the way I see it. Proverbs 3: 5. Too many lies and broken promises. The Company and Union just TOOK the retirees' Dental, Vision and Hearing benefits from us,without so much as any say-so or option, from what I heard.... and I expect more rip offs down the road. Rememer, that these benefits were supposed to be 'locked into the retiree's CONTRACT.' The Gov't/ Obama has plenty of money and bennies for illegal aliens who never worked in the USA, but not for disabled Veterans and retired workers.

It's NEVER a smart policy to brag how stable or rich you are concerning your job, investments, physical/ mental powers and talents. God dislikes the prideful one-- and will surely humble him/ her. Proverbs 8:13 says, "The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate." KJV. And 1 Peter 5:5 b, "... for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble."

It took me a long time to learn and apply these things, and I believe the Lord has finally humbled me thru broken bones and heart aches and Sharon's open heart surgery. Hey, we are arguing again-- so she MUST be feeling better.. lol. I grilled some sirloin steaks and hamburgers outside on the grill/ back yard, and bought her a "Welcome Home cake" to show my appreciation for her safe return! Still, she has pain and soreness, and it will take months for her to fully heal. Some of you are probably receiving her emails and 'thank you notes' by now, as she is catching up. I have so many chores to do-- like everything, but I feel lazy after the good meal. Many people welcomed her back to church and bible study yesterday morning, as I let her drive my power scooter.

I got another overnight parking ticket even though my license plates clearly show that I am Disabled. Where do they get some of these cops in Union Grove/ Racine County? I call City Hall, and they have the ticket erased/ dismissed because I have the legal right to park in front of my house, but those rookies just can't seem to understand Disabled Rights under the Law, or their own S.O.P.!

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Carolyn said...

Hi Tom. I have a few friends who work at Chrysler in Canada. Thye are union and love Obama, but I'm wondering what they'll do now like the thousands of workers here in the States. It's totally unconstitutional for the president to be CEO of a private company, but like you said- they made the deal, now they have to 'deal' with the outcome. I'm glad you guys are settling down some, and that you had a good day at church. God Bless you both Tom!

Dirk said...

This is really something. Obama rushes in "to the rescue" & see what happened it very short order. Prime example of what happens when government tries to run private industry.

Thing is, I wonder how the Obama administration is going to spin this? Can't blame it on Bush anymore! Obama has to own it somehow.

Happy to hear Sharon is continuing to improve.