Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sharon's New Crash Pad in the Country.

Tom's Journal.

Another great sunny day in WI, with air temp. 80 degrees F.

I saw Sharon today at her new [different Rehab place] not far from our humble hovel in U.G. and took the dog with me, as the nice cleaning lady was working at home. She mentioned that the house was a lot cleaner with me home alone, and I made sure that I combed and brushed the dog outside yesterday, so that there were less hair on the floor. Got to take care of your animals. I have ALWAYS kept my houses clean and organized, until these last few years when dysfunctions, arthritis and fractured bones have caught up with me-- and it's hard to get down low to scrub things. I am so blessed that Sue, the lady from Germany is my house keeper, and she is about 3 years older than I, and has some pain now too. Then I can practice my German! I love to learn and be correct.

Sharon wanted me to take some of her stuff home for safe keeping, and I brought her cell phone charging cord and personal mail this morning. She doesn't have too many complaints but is smart enough NOT to try and walk on her own [we are all worried that she will fall and break something --worse!] They don't turn on their A/C in that slack, country facility until it gets really uncomfortable, but they gave my wife a fan... They are VERY laid back, slow, nonchalant, and a bit indifferent, until I "got their attention" today, LOL.
I will tell you a joke that is partially true--- The good people in Germany demand perfection in everything-- so they walk around in constant frustration because the rest of the world is so laid back and imperfect! The Germans have always been noted for their 'hard work ethic' and good craftsmanship in everything they make and build. But they can take things TOO far in being too demanding and picky, but that's just my own personal opinion. from being in Germany for 6 months, and my family is of German descent also. As for being stubborn, I don't buy that at all.... because I have known ALL nationalities to be stubborn! Ha!

Sharon said she finished that 2nd book I gave her, "Safely Home" ~ by Randy Alcorn, so I gave her a quick quiz to hear what she liked about it. She said that she now has a greater, more detailed concept of how great heaven will be-- and to see the Lord! The Bible promises 'NO MORE TEARS NOR OUT CRY' in heaven. It all came together for her too in the end. Now she is eye-balling some of his other books of interest--- so we got her hooked now too ! Woo Woo! I am happy for her!

So now we just have to be patient and let Sharon heal again and get her physical therapy and rehab going. Go figure, she has been away for a long time, I have had much peace and quiet, but I am lonely without her and miss sleeping with her [because I love her very much], and making her fav dishes and meals and conversation. I told her I want to get back to my guitar playing and learn new songs/ Gospel, etc. I want to make her feel good, and special, as we both grow closer to the Lord in these last days. We expect to see a 'real light show' pretty soon when the world caves in and degrades into ashes and super poverty. I am so grateful, thankful and in awe to finally understand perfectly just how great the God of the Bible is and how He will "Shepard the nations with an iron rod" for their wayward God-hating, selfish heart and mindset of being so wicked, perverted and lawless. And with all the prophetic, easy to read scriptures that are available in every language, they still, for the most part, ignore, insult, make fun of, and disregard the Will of God. "Man has ruled man-- to his injury!" ~ Eccl. If I was them, I would be [what the bible says...] 'watering my knees' ~ KJV. But as Joshua said, "as for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord [Jehovah]." But now we focus more on the Lord Jesus Christ because He gave His life for all of us--- yet relatively few take advantage of His sanguinary sacrifice to pay for all of our sins, past, present and future.

Bro. Rick Brown and his hard working son did a real fine job tilling our Victory Veggie Garden last evening and I saw Rick sweat hard, so |I gave them both a cold Squirt soda pop to drink. They came along way to help me out and they are always welcome here! He didn't even ask for payment..... but I 'helped him out' because I appreciate his hard work and friendship. He used to be Army Airborne and also went to Bible college, and now he has a great job in IL. I truly miss many of my old buddies, friends and brothers at the 'old church' who were my age, and Sharon used to be a great teacher in AWANA-- a Christian Bible class for the children on Wednesday nights at Victory Baptist church, but it was so far away for us to drive twice a week. But I was baptized there and learned a lot of good things from all the Bible studies and pastor's preaching.

Guess I will rest up so I can go to an important business place tonight. I was going to buy some young tomato plants and seeds, but the place was so jam packed after noon, so I will go tend to my garden needs tomorrow and start planting early in the morning. I have always had my dear wife to help me plant, so it will be interesting this year.

Proverbs 18:14 "The Spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear." KJV.



garnett109 said...

Us Irish ain't stubborn lol!

Janie said...

Keeping you and Sharon in my prayers... and her for a speedy recovery. My son will soon have the website for the church he preaches at. A Baptist church.. small but growing. The time is getting near.. but we do not know the day or hour. God Bless, Janie