Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coming Home.

Tom's Journal.

Theme From A Summer Place (1960)

My wife is supposed to come home tomorrow so I will pick her up in the afternoon. I hope things turn out better than the last time, and I will be watching over her more and being more protective. But Lord knows that she has a 'mind of her own'.. lol. I told her that I want her to wear a small whistle around her neck so she can 'call' me in case she needs help for anything in the future. That's just the opposite of what I thought men were supposed to do for women when they wanted something-- about 40 years ago, but I have changed. 'If a tree don't bend with the wind-- it breaks in half...'

I think that I am also learning some 'common sense' from 'The Dawn's Early Light' book, and it's funny that I am learning all this good stuff now-- when it surely could have helped me in my relationships and goofy mindsets years ago! Another reason that this short 197 page book is harder for me is that it 'lays open my heart' and points out the inner reasons for MY actions [and mis-actions], screw ups and selfish reasoning's as even the author describes of himself-- so it brings him down to earth. This just may help me reason and explain better some things with a few people that I care for, so they won't repeat the mistakes that I made. Or perhaps I may have been so stubborn, proud and myopic to pick this stuff up from my bible studies in years past. But sometimes we need someone to 'break things down' and paraphrase the scriptures to us.... or just perhaps [I am reluctant to say] that a simpler Bible translation might be better suited for some of us. Like I said before, I love the KJV [King James Version], but I also enjoy the NASB [New American Standard Bible] and a few other translations like the Amplified Bible, just to compare notes.

The other unexpected benefit from being alone in the house is that I was forced to do more on my own, and there by get more exercise, limber up, with more mobility and movement-- and freedom.

Strawberries and Bing Cherries are in season up here in WI, or at least they are cheap in the stores now.

One Vet just emailed me that 'we are in for a hard landing', and that reminded me how helicopters DON'T LIKE A HARD LANDING... lol, as the ship gets broke and people get hurt. I don't WANT to sound like a pessimist or negative, but other nations who are Socialist are telling the US that we are headed toward a hard landing, much worse than we think, with hard times and shortages that we have not seen since the Depression in the 1930's. But maybe the Lord knows this will draw in the last remnants of people sitting on the fence before His drops His hammer.

I have noticed that many of my old friends/ bloggers are not posting so much these days, and |I know that they are BUSY. I hope that you all feel better and are well.



garnett109 said...

I bet you can't wait

Lynne said...

Hi Tom,

So glad to hear your wife will be coming home. I know you've been waiting a long time for this day! I pray God will continue to bless her healing process.

My father was in the USN and flew in planes. He has some of the issues mentioned in your blog. He is in the Winter of his life, and has only 10% lung capacity and COPD and enthysema. He thinks he has done too many things to deserve God's grace and forgiveness. Please keep him in your prayers. His name is Larry.

God Bless,