Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Together.

Tom's Journal.

It's good having Sharon home again and we just picked up where we left off, except that we are closer now with a more spiritual mindset and purpose in life. We look forward to serving the Lord, reading more great Christian books and making new friends at church, etc. When ever one has a 'near-death' experience/ circumstance/ event-- a person will usually get a new perspective on life and what's really important-- and what is just useless trash. Why expend your vital energies, time, strength and treasures on stupid worldly time-eaters/ thieves, with no real, lasting rewards or benefits. Jesus said, "Store up your treasures in Heaven where moth and rust do not consume." Accumulation of material things brings only temporary joy and happiness. I used to love reading King Solomon's book of Ecclesiastes, where he relates all the fine things he had-- but concludes at the end, ' serve God and keep His commandments-- for that is the sum total of man.'

Lately, I have changed my way of thinking to some extent in that compared to others in the world, I don't feel so handicapped or disabled. But whatever problems and challenges I may have now will be all done away with when true Believers get to Heaven... and that may be soon. Although our precious Freedoms in America will be short lived, unfortunately, we still have SOME time left [I pray] to get with the program and draw closer to God Almighty and "kiss the Son, Jesus Christ" before the Father's righteous wrath and anger boil over. He has every right to wipe out wicked mankind right now, but He chooses to SAVE every person who is sitting on the fence who needs to be reached before He unleashes His fury and total destruction on those who soil His name and reject His Son! Yet true Believers rejoice even now in the worldly darkness because they KNOW their salvation is NEAR! And the ignorant, unbelieving world of wicked men look at us in wonder and awe because of our extreme JOY-- but also hating us because of who we witness about and represent.

It is the VA and SSDI, who determined what or how much I was disabled and to what extent, and I figured that many of my past troubles should net SOME compensation but I am subject to the strict rules of the Law and get only what the Gov't says I deserve. My fellow military friends and work mates advised me to check these things out, and so I did, and I had to jump thru hoops and bare everything in my life to qualify for some help after my life and body fell apart working myself into the ground and fighting for America. But consider especially in light of big time corruption of the Dims' ACORN and illegal aliens getting the best of everything when they never worked for it... I am certainly not rich as I try hard to pay down/ pay off my bills on time and support my wife. I spend a lot on Christian books and Bibles to GIVE away to honest hearted people [and fellow Vets at the VA hospital] and MISSIONS to persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in dark lands with horrible abuse and hated of the Gospel of Jesus. Not to worry, all these abuses, illegal, immoral handouts, so-called bail outs will be rectified when the Lord comes to Judge, and I will not need any more pensions, compensation or wages in Heaven! Woo Woo!

Agnostic, Un-believers- scumbags who are too cowardly to leave their proper names and email addresses on my friend's Blog comments-- they will ponder their silly, worthless, immoral past lives, plural marriages [having more than one wife [multiple]at a time..], etc., in a nasty place called hell, forever. BTW, Jesus talked more about hell in the scriptures than He did heaven. If you disbelieve hell-- you are calling Jesus Christ a liar! If you disbelieve the Creation account, Adam and Eve, the World Wide Flood in Noah's time, or any other bible miracle, you are calling Jesus a liar!

People can play silly games and talk all kinds of bull jack, wasting time and energy, not having a real life of their own, but what good is it...Ha?! Christians are told to just ignore such stupid ones and move on to more productive things. Go figure: do the liars and ignorant people help spread the Word of the Gospel and help others find the road to God and everlasting life? Shake your head, 'NO.'

I have changed my profile to reflect that my MAIN thrust in blogging/ writing/ journalism, will be to magnify and bring glory to the Father in Heaven, and His Son, Jesus Christ. My fine wife and I have other hobbies, skills, interests/ activities and endeavors, of course--- but the Gospel, the Bible study and helping others is the most important thing we ought to do right now in these fleeting 'last days', 'end times' of economic and spiritual gloom brought on by selfish, greedy, immoral, wicked men controls by STD [Satan the Devil].

It sure is another super fine day in lower Wisconsin and I intend to get some sun rays outside and do more yard work, etc. I put a good whistle on a leather lanyard for my wife, so in case she needs me she can just blow... lol. But she is doing very well and I am so happy! Like I have said so many times... 'if i could just bottle up some of the sunshine and happy times-- so I could let some out in depressing, hard times...'
But that is what the Holy Spirit is for-- a helper that only true Believers can tap when they need to give them more courage,strength, knowledge and understanding. I don't leave home without Him.

I am making new friends on the Inter Net, email, on-line, and more blog followers all the time! Thank you for your friendship, comments, care, and camaraderie!!

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.


garnett109 said...

Tom you mean Lanyard not thong right?

Kansas Bob said...

Great to have Sharon home.. long hospital stays really take it out of us.

This one made me smile Tom:

"I don't leave home without Him."

Blessings, Bob