Saturday, June 13, 2009

Their 'Beast' will BITE Them.

Tom's Journal.

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Just a laid back, lazy day, Saturday, with rain all night and morning. I am happy with my new choice of a different outdoor, clear, weather proof 'sealer' for the picnic table that I just sanded and stained Walnut! The Polyurethane I used to use didn't stand up to the weather for long. I paid about $26 for a gallon at Sears, while I was there looking for something else. But can you believe that they don't even carry sickles anymore for cutting down weeds? And every where I go I see Made in China! I kind of understand the politics of manufacturing now days-- and what a sorry state of affairs. Ship the factories over to China for the cheap labor [who knows, maybe $1 per hour, and / or slave labor] and then our own well made American products can't compete and go out of business! The Lord has blessed us-- so I don't mind paying a bit more for American made products, especially tools-- and they last longer.

Sharon and I have been pretty active this past week, and I planted 4 more tomato plants with the help of Steve Brulport-- an old, close friend. It will be good for us to rest up for church tomorrow so we can concentrate of the sermon and bible study in the morning. It would be so great to meet more people our age so we have more in common. The younger people are nice, but they seem to clump together as newly weds and we all know what their new married lives are all about... lol.

I can't wait to get my shots in both knees again after waiting the VA prescribed 90 days... lol. It was Steve, Rob, and a few others who warned me that their knee and hip replacements didn't help that much, and they all seem worse now for the operations. OK, I know that some folks DO benefit from joint replacements-- but I am really not ready for that invasive "procedure."

I went surfing for new Blogs of like interests and struck GOLD today! I was just thinking that some of the graphic "JOKES" hurled at Gov. Palin and her girls are way over the top and disgusting! Just think what would happen if some 'comedian' directed those crude comments toward the obama kids! And according to some of the Best Legal Minds in the USA, obama is ramming thru new laws and appointments that are TOTALLY ILLEGAL and against the U.S. Constitution! Looks like the RINO's are sitting on their hands again. What are they afraid of ?? I know the readers don't want to hear this, but BOTH parties are in cinque-- have the same agenda, IMHO! Just a few more 'adjustments' and the people won't have any way to fight back and change the system of total and complete SOCIALISM! Where is Sen. McCain? Where are the so-called back bone of the Republican party now?? I bet I could count the honest, courageous, bold Congressmen who support and defend the U.S. Constitution on one hand. Or maybe the 'Media' is suppressing their speech.

That's one of the reasons why millions of Christians with my own mindset have placed their TOTAL Trust and Hope in JESUS CHRIST. I suspect that there will be a few uprisings, pitched battles with true Patriots trying to fight against the Socialist WH movement-- but the Bible says that the devil will pretty much have his way with the world and drag most of mankind down the toilet with him. And I don't want to fall into the trap/ snare of saying WHEN the Tribulation will come-- before or after the Rapture. For then I will see some goofy 'commentator's' "correct" me with their own versions of which, when, how and why.... who came first-- the 'chicken or the egg' thing... lol. All I know is that these bad times will deteriorate to worse times, economically, socially, morally, and real Christians will be persecuted until Jesus comes to take us up with Him. When God abandons a country-- everything falls apart-- as History plainly shows. In the mean time, the demonic spirit has and will continue to permeate the churches, and THEN we shall see "what they are really made of." If they are built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and the Bible, they will STAND! If not, they will bow to Satan and his world of gravitating to all kinds of filth, abortion, sodomite agenda, greed and lies. Just how many political/ religious 'voting blocks' are speaking up against obama's newly declared "National Gay and Lesbian Month" ?? Let's see now... the majority of the Black, Hispanic and Catholics voted for Mr. Obama, right? Figures don't lie... looks like they already chose their side. And the Southern Baptist Church in the USA seems to be almost extinct-- and I don't have all the answers why. And now all that BS [berry sap] about the Obama's being good Christians and going to Rev. Wright's church was nothing more than 'eye wash' and hypocrisy-- as actions speak louder than words. Won't these people [Dims, RINO's, and the godless, etc] be 'surprised' when the 'Beast' they embraced BITES THEM. [ See Rev.].

PTL [Praise the Lord] that many of us are seeing the true 'LIGHT' of the bible and Jesus Christ NOW-- better than latter, so we don't continue in error-- being yet deceived by the darkness or the 'ruler of this world' [John 12:31] and trusting in human 'wisdom.'

I think the Sun is trying to peek out, and Sharon wants to eat Tacos.

Over and Out-- Have a great day!


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