Monday, June 15, 2009

Tired from another good day.

Tom's Journal.


I thought it was very nice for an old friend [another Vietnam Vet] to come by and mow the lawn for me today-- Steve Brulport, also a retired cop. We go back a long time.

I weeded the veggie garden and watered it, and also carved my name into my walking cane-- then out door sealed it to preserve the Hickory better. I like to take care of my investments. Sharon asked me to grill a few steaks out side, but Steve said he was not hungry-- just thirsty. The place looks so nice now with all the trimming and policing, and now I wonder if I can teach the dog how to 'eliminate' ONLY in a certain area where I dug a hole in the ground with my post hole digger... lol. The visiting RN drew a blood sample from Sharon this morning too, and I just couldn't help thinking about what "medical care" would look like if 'Obama-care' goes through. You know for sure that he intends to croak the older people to 'balance the books'... Ha! Just murder the old and the un-born, right? But I feel confident that God will intervene before this happens. Some of us knew that things were corrupt in the USA-- but not this bad, and still the majority of people still have their heads in the sand. It's a picture right out of the 1930's in Germany!! I believe that this is all man-made and for a specific reason... 'why waste a disaster ?' And did you know that there are no names, rank, politics or position in hell... just pain and darkness.

Tomorrow should be a good day to finish reading one of my books, "THE DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT" , which taught me so much about how to worship God and do what He wants of us. I feel that I [we] should have some acquired head knowledge/ understanding of what God wants in our life time. Do we give Him the crumbs from the table, the left overs, the scraps of our time, efforts, wealth and attention in our lives AFTER He gave us the gift of life? Personally, I can only claim "ignorance" up unto a certain point in time, about 7 years ago when I got saved. I bear the responsibility for any and all back sliding, mess ups and screw ups after that. Not that we want to dwell so much on the past-- but what can we do right now, today and tomorrow, now that we know the real TRUTH? If we can record a person's life history thru paper books, videos, etc, just think and realize what super capabilities God has. The only reason we are not in hell is solely because of Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice. So why not apply ourselves now while there is yet time? And why not help others find Christ before we all run out of time? There is a better reward for Christians who do that.

Now for a good night's rest.


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