Friday, July 10, 2009

Growing Old Gracefully in WI.

Tom's Journal.

Fav. Song: Billy Joe Royal - Down in the Boondocks

Well Folks, I am so happy to have found my old password and get back into my Blog!
I remember hearing my parents talk about Grandfather getting old, losing some memory and slowing down, and I have seen many good, smart people lose their 'edge' as they aged gracefully. I think it's good to know and realize your limitations in life and after some of us move on to enjoy life in retirement, the need for 'bi-focals', canes, power scooters and hearing devices, etc. We may cry and bitch about these things, or just joke and learn to live with the changes. Anyway, I see my wife and I slowing down mentally and physically, and unable to juggle 8 things at one time, accurately. Now I am down to 3... or less... lol. And I never forget that most of the world of mankind have it MUCH worse than I ! There is not one day where I fail to thank the Lord for EVERYTHING He blesses me with!

Please forgive me for allowing myself to be sucked into politics in my posts. Maybe I am just an aggressive kind of guy who like challenge, adventure and a good fight. Maybe some folks view me as a 'rebel without a cause.' But I DO HAVE A CAUSE-- and that is sharing the Gospel! I also love to read posts and articles from Bible scholars who dwarf me in comparison, people who are more studied with Hebrew and Greek and blessed with more gray matter, who are double blessed by God Almighty with a gift of words to reach the masses of humanity with gold nuggets of life saving messages.

Yes, I like warm, fuzzy, comments of admiration and fellowship-- but if I knew that one of my posts actually brought a few people to know the Lord-- that would make my day! I probably won't realize this until after I am dead, but that's OK too.
I would so like to meet and make more close friends before the Gov't shuts down the InterNet/ email/ Blogs, and that will be a great loss, IMHO. My dear wife, Sharon, and I are both disabled and live in the Boondocks, and don't really know too many people in our one-horse town, even as we just started attending a new Bible Church in the area. But we do have some close friends like: Penny Perez, Carolyn, Debbie, the Steve and Barb Brulport, Marvin Ellis, Robby Bohnen, Wayne, Dirk, Mark Eisenhower, etc.
Those are just a fragment/ few whom I call on the phone and email often. Some people tell me that if I can count all my close friends on one hand-- I am doing good.

Sharon made some great tacos for lunch today, and I bought her more fresh strawberries to eat. She is taking a nap now after falling asleep on her easy chair all morning.

I hope to hear more about your personal lives, troubles and tribulations-- privately, and I will ONLY post your stories if you specifically give me permission. Please tell me how God has blessed you recently.

Your Crown in Heaven

Posted: 10 Jul 2009 09:15 AM PDT

By Nathan JonesThe question of which crown one thinks they'll receive in Heaven was put to the reader in April's poll titled "Which crown will you receive in Heaven?" The 581 respondents cast their vote from among a number of varieties of crowns. The results not only showed a wide range of opinions as to what crown each thinks will be bestowed upon them by Jesus Christ in Heaven, but also showed

Tom and Sharon Schuckman


USA_Admiral said...

Passwords will ruin a good thing.

Politics is like the beast, no good comes from it.

You guys take it easy.

garnett109 said...

a bottle of A-1 and steaks what a picnic!
now i got to fire up the grill

madison said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't remember my blogger password, lol. Although sometimes I do think it's blogger. You know something is wrong when you've stored your password and they still won't let you in, lol.
Hope you had a great holiday.

TheSecretLives said...

Tom - you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for being so honest in this blog and for admitin that you get two political! thats so great of you to bee so humble and to know when you is being annoying

Shari said...

I have in home physical therapy and when I got finished with that I stood and cooked lunch.
I do like to cook, but someetimes the standing really bothers my lower back.
I am glad you enjoyed the tacos.

Carolyn said...

I'm sorry Tom... What were you saying? I've had a hard time getting past looking at those plates o' beef that look so incredibly YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry- but man, they do look so good! Sharon is looking real well too ;-) I'm glad you found your password! You keep on posting whatever is on your heart Tom! It's what keeps you real. God Bless you both!