Friday, July 31, 2009

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Tom's Journal.

<<< Tom and Sharon in the garage a few years ago. Big old Soldiers need love too.

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Not that I am thumping my chest or boasting-- but it felt good to hear the local Christian radio from Milwaukee talking about true Bible prophesy that the 'end times' must see the One World Gov't-- One World Religion happen to us, and soon!! You will all note, please, that I have been posting stuff on this recently in my Journal. But more importantly, the real point I want to make is: Many people and even many 'Christian churches' are STILL pushing the empty headed [IMHO] idea that "WE THE ALMIGHTY HUMANS ON EARTH CAN GOVERN OURSELVES AND WORK THIS PRESENT BAD/ WICKED SITUATION OUT by ourselves-- independent of God Almighty! How insulting that must be to God in Heaven-- and He must be very angry by now !" What a pure load of horse manure and contrary to what the Bible actually says!! How completely arrogant and prideful by dumping Jesus Christ into obscurity instead of giving the Glory and Power to Him alone! Now I would expect worldly unbelievers to strut like a peacock and talk trash, but the so-called CHRISTIAN churches ?? Even Glenn Beck went in that direction today [that humans can 'fix/ correct our broken system ourselves'... but he probably has limitations and restraints from his producers as to 'how far he can go' and not mention the name, Jesus Christ, on TV, as a [or THE] 'higher power.'

The fact is, my dear friends and readers, JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY ANSWER, but most of mankind has been so full of themselves and pridefully independent to admit this ! If they don't submit to the Lord, and SOON, they will perish and be dealt with by the Master.

The LINK posted at the beginning is about the new heath care-- Obama-Care, and what is in that 'package.' That ought to be a thriller, or horror story to keep us up at night... LOL. Go figure, if a simple farmer like me can understand that this new Bill is just plain crazy and destructive-- and it makes no sense at all to push and rush it thru Congress BEFORE we all have a chance to read it, how can the Senate and Congress think otherwise ?? They are not stupid-- only evil and in with the 'devil' in the WH! You tell me!

about mass, forcible, mandatory injections for the coming 'Swine Flu.' It will be a cold day in July when I let the Gov't inject ME with their noxious poisons! I will never take ANY Flu shot, and I had so many injections/ shots in the Army that I am probably immune to everything-- or plumb crazy from them... lol.

What's new in our house? Sharon paid about $320 for new [sorely needed- once a year] eye glasses today and is wearing them now. Poor woman's eyes are getting worse with her Sarcoidosis, and I bet pretty soon the Gov't won't take care of a lot of maladies and health problems. I have 'good' Chrysler health Insurance now.. but the contract has been opened up many times lately and certain converage just dropped for us retirees. There is no more "honor" or promises kept anymore and a contract doesn't mean anything.
The old people who worked hard ALL THEIR LIVES putting into the system are now disposable and trashed. Kaput. My power scooter repair man called up early just before we were supposed to meet him for the much needed repair-- stating that his back went out and is in so much extreme pain [and he begged off] , so we had to put that off until Monday-- Murphy's Law. But at least I got a chance to witness to him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all of God's promises.. so that was fruitful, IMHO. But real Christians KNOW that they will go to a much better place if they parish now before the Rapture-- in heaven.

Still, I would like to talk about special, smart things that we can all buy and store up NOW/ TODAY before the so-called 'Flu' hits the USA, where there might be martial law and quarantine. Hey, I didn't vote for that turkey who has no birth certificate.. Ha! I would bet that the other military gentleman would have handled things a bit different-- but just maybe the Lord planned things [or has allowed] this way so Bible Prophecy could be fulfilled. Some of you remember that I have studied healing Herbs for the past 40 years and I and my wife rely upon them a lot rather than trust the 'doctors' modern "medicine" or 'Obama-Care'. There are certainly some Herbs, that I will stock up on soon, plus a few more canned goods, rice and beans. I don't want to mention them on this blog for fear that some Gov't agency will arrest me for practicing 'medicine', but I urge you to study, look up, acquire Herbal books for this info and protection. Personally, I don't have a fear of this 'Flu thing' -- but it just may be a 'MAN-MADE' thing to control the people-- or reduce the population. ' Just some practical friendly advice and personal opinions from 'Old Soldier Tom.'

Have a good day-- Praise the Lord.


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