Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday- July 18th.

Tom's Journal.

Great Video: Shout to the Lord - Hillsong

My AOL is all messed up for the next 24 hours so that I can't even log in... grrrrr. I have heard a few others complain about AOL too, so I guess I will get some sun rays outside and be active today if it doesn't rain today. My wife is sick in bed so the best thing would be to just let her rest, IMHO [in my humble opinion].

I have to feed and water the dog, even if there is half a bowl of water already. The cat is pretty much independent. I should weed the garden again-- and we have some green tomatoes already! That is very rewarding for us and Sharon is planning to can some again this year and make our own spicy, hot [with jalapenos] salsa for tacos, etc. She feels 'fulfillment' and joy when she shows me all her hard work in canning veggies,etc., and it's akin to me feeling good about my 'works of art' in woodcarving, carpentry and welding. Life's simple joys-- instead of spending more money. I don't look forward to running to a store now without my power scooter anyway. I would just walk slow with my trusty cane. I have a 'specially carved' hickory cane that I bought that is perfect for defense/ Bo-jitsu. That old boy is HEAVY and strong... LOL!

I especially enjoyed the attached music Video: 'Shout to the Lord.'

Well, time to make the donuts. Off to do my chores and have another great day!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Record Cold Predicted

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By Jack Kinsella

Madison Wisconsin is forecast to have the coldest July high temperature recorded in more than 100 years.
In North Dakota KYFR’s lead-in sentence on the weather was, “With a summer like this, you can't tell my Dad there's global warming.”

WCVB complained; If you think you’ve never seen such a cool start to the summer, you are right: It’s been more than 100 years since Boston has been this cold in June.
And Accuweather explains why the North East may be experiencing ‘a year without summer’.
“While many factors play in to periods of warmer and cooler-than-normal weather, it is possible that a recent solar minimum in the sun’s cycle has been playing a role.”
So, it seems that global warming is caused by man-made pollution, whereas when it gets cooler, its because of reduced solar output. If I am understanding the 'settled' science correctly, man is responsible for warming the earth and the sun is responsible for cooling it.

The sky is falling. I must go tell the king!

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garnett109 said...

Enjoy your weekend friend.

Anonymous said...

Tom thank you for the delicious steak you cooked on the grill.
Still not feeling well, so after a dish of ice cream it is back to bed.