Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't Fail to Plan, Man.

Tom's Journal.

Beautiful-- Enjoy:

Friends and Readers:
I am posting the following information ONLY to make you aware of what we are up against and not just the illegal alien problem. I always thought that it is smart to make a plan, Sam. Be prepared, Christian brothers and sisters, if the 'lights go out in Georgia' and have some contingency plan worked out on HOW our close email friends, churches, groups will be able to continue our rich relationships IF/ WHEN the Gov't and their 'caved in' cowardly, godless cronies, ACORN, goofy Czars push us into a corner and ban us from the Web/ PC/ EMAIL communications. I, personally, get much good feeling, encouragement and inspiration from my friends and acquaintances.

This is precisely why I continue to remind people to get as close to the Lord and the Bible as possible NOW! Call me paranoid or delusional, but I am a serious student of the Bible and History, and I CAN read the 'handwriting on the wall.' The USA and Europe are only a half step ahead of us and there is a good possibility that we as a nation could follow the path that leads to One World Gov't/ One World Religion. Well, I know that it will happen according to the Good Book anyway... That is not only Obama's fondest desire but many powerful entities working in the background controlling things, including the RINO's!! Make no mistake that Satan is so very powerful and the "god of this world" who is misleading the majority of the world, and I don't expect many in comparison to be Saved. I have to heed my own warnings. We stay strong by constantly reading, meditating, prayer and associating with brothers of like Faith. Did we personally find the Lord the first time we heard the Gospel? Yes, I will continue the witness work commissioned by the Lord Himself until He says to stop, or we die, but I think that we ought to PREPARE now, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and focus on the Word. If anyone has more serious suggestions or ideas, please feel free to email me or comment. Some close friends actually SNAIL MAIL ME! That is a lost art.

The Nazi movement in the 1930's started out small in taking away the German people's freedoms, and once they took away the people's firearms-- there was nothing they could do after that! If poor old Tom can see these things happening and history repeating itself-- surely others can too.

Things are going well for my wife and I today, but I know that she will feel much better when the weather gets cooler and less humid. She is going to bake more zucchini bread in the morning.


<span class=ALIPAC" src="" border="0">

Google Censors Illegal Immigration Information On Web

For Immediate Release

August 20, 2009

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC),, (866) 703-0864

ALIPAC is issuing an emergency broadcast to our 25,000 supporters and media contacts across the web, blogosphere, and talk radio channels in America!

WARNING! Google is now blocking the worlds largest archive of information about the negative impact of illegal immigration on American citizens from view via false warnings of Malware. The ALIPAC site is not infected and is safe for use.

Public access to the extensive information archived by ALIPAC over the last five years has been blocked on Google, by Firefox web browsers, and on Twitter!

"Google's own software admits we have no viruses or malware on our site," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The readings indicate that Google scanned our site on the 19th and we were clean and now they are arbitrarily blocking us for the second time this week. Our technicians tell us our site is clean and Google will not offer us any explanation or assistance despite mulitple attemps to reach out to them."

ALIPAC is now declaring an emergency and making the claim that the blocking of is politically motivated and involves wrongful acts by Google employees or the broader influences withing the Google corporation.

All other major online virus protection services are declaring that is not infected including Norton Antivirus, McAfee, and AVAST.

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt is an active member of President Barack Obama's campaign. Google has also hired the widely discredited left wing progaganda group called the Anti Defamation League to police political content on Google and Youtube. Google employees that are H1B visa holders replacing American workers are regularly seen..........

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