Friday, August 14, 2009

Picture of my growing Grand Children- August '09.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Here is a collage of my daughter, Sarah and her 2 children visiting us a few days ago, from CO.

I will post more pix latter, and there is another with them all in the Schuckman Victory Garden, that I planted by myself while poor Sharon was in the hospital with open heart surgery... and my VA appointed house keeper who stops in twice a week helped me plant most of the garden this year-- Thank you, Sue! She took 4 good tomatoes with her today which we were very happy to give, and a zucchini. Sharon gave her a recipe for zucchini bread, that tastes so good with a little butter on while hot! Sharon is a great baker, cook and she cans our garden produce too. I love you, Sharon!

For some reason, my money is not stretching the way is used to.... Hmmmm. Could it be inflation and higher prices where ever I go?? Well, I have been posting and preaching about what is to come -$$$ in the near future-- and then it bits ME in the behind.. lol! I bought a few extra large bags of sugar to be prepared-- but Sharon always makes a few great patches of Christmas cookies anyway.

I am happy to hear and see more American Patriots standing up at town hall meetings and demanding the TRUTH from the corrupt Reps and Senators, but I know they will come back after their break to sneak, re-write the bad laws/ stupid ideas anyway. We need to start 'grooming' the new [hopefully more honest] people running for higher office NOW! Kick the old crooked bums out this time and start over again. But remember that only God has the Right, Authority and Power to clean things up-- burn it down-- and start over, according to His own Word, the Bible. That is His 'game plan' that ALL real Christians should be aware of instead of putting their faith and trust in humans. Glenn Beck makes a few good points in admonishing people to be CIVIL, POLITE, PEACEFUL, and RESPECTFUL, but get things SAID [in a truthful, straight, powerful way] to the so-called powers that be-- the obama/ Dims Gov't-- at the town hall meetings HEAR them loud and clear. They are supposed to be OUR servants-- WE THE PEOPLE!

Well, I will get of my soap box now and say THANK YOU ALL for your thoughtful, insightful, comments and suggestions. You all make me feel good and open my eyes to other possibilities.
It's been a great Summer so far, and I count myself very blessed to have a good circle of friends/ family who love and support Sharon and I. Thank you, dear, beloved daughter, Sarah, for bringing the 'precious cargo' -- my 2 Grand children all the way from CO to my humble house in WI for me to see, hold and love! You have made your old Dad happy.



Dirk said...

Beautiful family, Tom! Those grandchildren are precious!

I'm proud to see Americans standing up to the corrupt and crooked politicians too. And what I love is that the crooks HATE IT! They thought we would just roll over on this. Didn't happen, and we are not going away.

Beware any legislation where the politicians think they need to hit the campaign trail to try and sell it to us. Instead of continuing their brainwashing, they ran head-on into an informed America!


Shari said...

I was so happy the visit went well with us.
You have two adorable grandchildren
I love you too Tom