Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Time-- Good Time.

Tom's Journal.


Yesterday was a great time in our humble hovel when my youngest daughter, Sarah, and her two children came to visit old grandpa Schuckman in WI. They we cute and Tyger said 'he loved me!' He has a high intellect and verbal aptitude for a boy of 3 1/2 years. Mia is smart and well behaved too. We all had a great time and took lots of pictures. Sarah is a veggie lover and enjoyed one of our organic cucumbers from the garden, and the grand kids, Tyger and Mia took the leash of our dog and walked him back and forth in the house, and I was proud at how well trained and behaved he was with the "little people." My wife was up-built and enjoyed the company as she shared some of her fresh baked zucchini bread, and my ex-wife, Karen, mother of my 3 kids came to visit too... and all things forgiven-- she and Sharon get along very well. They were all going to visit my mom and Karen's mom after seeing us. PTL!

Today, good friend, Steve Brulport, came over to cut and trim the lawn, etc., and we always enjoy his company... my Christian brother. He said he enjoyed the book I gave him, Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn, so I told him to share the book with another person he thought would enjoy and learn from it too. I just ordered another one for myself plus a special study, color Bible that explains Archaic KJV English from Shakespeare's time... 1611-12 era. I consider myself a good host and cordial, and since we live out in the boondocks, we don't get a lot of company.

I have a list of 'things to do' before the snow hits the ground, repairs, projects, errands. I bought and dumped some heavy and small gravel, river stones in the deep, muddy ruts in my driveway from the truck going in and out after heavy rains, and that totaled me out for a few days. Sharon has been working hard in the house, and picking garden produce too. We have to slow down on our spending too after the County Fair and pushed back our short vacation to Door County to next month, but things will be fine and we are 'secure.' I will be grilling food outside tomorrow again. I don't ever forget to praise and thank the Lord for my freedom, wealth, health, my wife, kids and grand kids every single day and night! "Life is a vapor." Life is fragile and can be forfeited/ lost in a heart beat -- and then what do we have? We have eternity! How will we give account for our life on earth?
Sharon went with me this morning to Kenosha as I had a few short chores and we went to have my 2 extra bottles refilled with LP gas for the grill which should last us another 2 Seasons, but also just in case our electric goes out from some unforeseen disaster-- we will be able to cook our food. The older guy at Hillside Hardware was joking with me and as he was filling the bottles outside the store, I witnessed to him about the Gospel and gave him a new pocket Bible and one of my personal pens with my name and email address on it. My wife is good at that too, and it gave me a good feeling to be about the Lord's work and "MAKE/ SEEK out the opportunity" to share and witness about God's promises for all mankind!

As mentioned, these are some of the more important things in my life that give it purpose and joy.
The weather should be hot and humid the rest of the week with poor air quality, so I asked Sharon to please wake me up early to work on the truck before it gets too muggy and buggy in the back yard. I am rigging up a set of chains to restrain my power scooter from 'rocking and rolling' when I drive, and installing a better truck- cap window that busted from the lift [jib crane] blowing it out before.

Have a great day/ night !

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DB said...

Tom, it sounds like you had a grand time with all that family around you. You are blessed.