Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tom's Journal.

<<< here is a picture of Sharon hoeing the Schuckman Victory Garden a few years ago, before she had heart problems. We are having a good crop this year too!


What a down pour of rain we had today in Wisconsin! And much needed for our gardens, grass, crops, and aquifers, etc. Sharon got a 2 hour hair cut, etc this morning and she likes it. We then went to the Brat Stop for a prime rib sandwich and then came home and got the mail. Sharon got a bill from the Union Grove/ Yorkville Fire Dept for the "ambulance service" when she had congestive heart failure on 5-13-09, and the goofy baboons almost croaked my wife! All they were interested in was the fee for the ride to the wrong hospital, and they jerked us around with exaggerated, exacerbated paperwork after we begged them to help get her in to MY OWN VEHICLE as I took her to the CORRECT Kenosha hospital that her own heart specialist directed us to !! And the incompetent, slack jawed monkeys want $573.79 for the 'non-event.' They were so rude and pushy, and a policeman saw and heard the whole thing [and I believe he was on OUR side]. My wife feels the same way I do on this matter, and she used to be an advanced EMT.

In a way these small hick town oafs remind me of the corrupt VA system-- except that the VA has gotten a bit better lately in Milwaukee... LOL. Don't worry folks, if Obama has his way, the rest of America is due the same consideration/ care in the very near future... Woo Woo!
For the so-called 'services rendered' we believe we are getting ripped off... but we will pay the bill.

One of my good Christian friends who is also a Vietnam Vet just bought a new Chrysler auto, and it made me think about my own circumstance of getting a full length cargo van to hold our 2 power chair/ scooters so we BOTH can be more mobile when we travel. I almost have the "old" 2005 Dodge Caravan paid off, and the Ram truck can't get both chairs in comfortably without scratching them all up or damaging them. But I keep getting the bad stomach feeling again that I may be biting off too much right now when I expect the economy to tank and hurt most of the WORKING CLASS/ Middle Class people in America. And the new vehicle would have to have the correct 'lift' mounted somehow/ someway. Well, now my wife tells me that her CHAMPVA might pay for a lift to be put in the '05 Dodge Caravan. We will have to pray about this subject more.

Tomorrow it should be VERY hot and humid, but we will be just fine.
Have a great day.



Lisa said...

It sounds like you had a horrendous time with the ambulance and now they have the nerve to bill you! Incredible.

Shari said...

I sure do know all of the tricks in the book and those idiots were pulling every trick.
I even told them I use to run emergency squad but it must have gone over their heads.
I know our insurance company sent us the money for the squad but I feel they want to much money for the nothing they did.
They did not use their portable oxygen tank, I was on the concentrator, they hooked me up to the heart monitor, but the patches are only $20.00.
When Tom and I both got their attention to help me to the truck, they used their precious stair chair.
They still didn't get it when I called it the stair chair.
My former home town EMS(Emergency Medical Service) wasn't that stupid.

natalie said...

hi Tom!
Great entries! and I love the picture of you and Sharon!
Say ..would you consider coming over and write a comment about the release of those two girls?
Really Tom I need your comment about the new BCI skull cap.. they want to see if they can use it to help paralyzed vets and other paralyzed people and Lou Gehrig people..
love to Sharon..