Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A fine day with Friends.

Tom's Journal.

We had another full day with very nice weather as our good friends came over for lunch/ cook out, and I grilled some carrots and fresh, organic, home grown zucchini, with our own fresh tomatoes on the side, etc, in the back yard while catching some sun rays. I like to cram as much sun shine/ vitamin "D" in to my body to carry over into Winter. Steve and Barb B. came over and we had a great visit. I have known that old Navy man for many years, who is also a plumber, and he's/ disabled/ retired as a highway patrol inspector a few years ago and enjoys the same hobbies as I do [classified]. We are both biblical Christians and I told him today.... that only recently [the last 4 years] that I felt reassured/ comfortable by knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word, that I was going to heaven when I die-- and that is the most wonderful feeling! From past mis-information and false religion brain washing, I thought that I had done too many bad things in my life to be Saved, but the Bible says that is NOT true. Romans 3: 23 says, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." We will not be perfect until we get to Heaven! But even though we are now Saved by accepting the Lord Jesus as our personal Savior -- that doesn't give us license to go out and run wild to sow our 'wild oats' and bring shame on the Lord's name. It took a few smart pastors and special friends to point this out to me, and after my wife's serious open heart surgery this past March, much more info all came together to show me the REAL priorities in my life. PTL.

Well, it's so good to be able to trust another Christian with deep, inner feelings and get their view point and trusted wisdom. I actually had a fear of dying [and not making it to heaven...] 10 years ago because I didn't fully understand certain things about God's mercy and kindness. And like I may have mentioned before, sometimes the Lord allows us to suffer or be exposed to tragedy to WAKE US UP so we can 'get right with Him and/ or get back on track.' Sometimes you have to sacrifice/ lose a finger or hand to 'save the body [or soul]' as found in the book of Matthew as Jesus said. Steve is a very smart, well studied man with many gifts and talents, but I told him today that I would be willing to "sword fight" with him mentally on Bible knowledge-- but that I just found a new understanding last night... lol, and shared it with him! I couldn't sleep so I went on-line and looked at e-sword and learned a few new things. However, I learned years ago that just 'pure knowledge' will NOT save us-- but doing the correct things as taught by Christ and acting as a real servant of Jesus Christ and accepting His Will is the real ticket!

And yes, we Americans are spoiled, 'fat' and lazy, so accepting the Lord's Will and assignments are that much more hard to do. Rich, affluent people are inclined to take the path of least resistance. When we read about 'Voice of the Martyrs' and Open Doors [orgs] and the countries with persecution of Christians-- we get a more realistic and balanced view of how poor, beat up Christians actually accomplish more that we Americans! Some experts calculate that perhaps 3/4 of the people in America who attend church are NOT REALLY SAVED! You know what? It's a very good feeling to know and understand that things MUST get much worse in the USA and world [Bible prophecy] with more wars, pestilence, dying and injustice.... and no human will be able to stop it-- but Christians will still be joyful and secure in knowing that one way or another, the Father in Heaven will 'protect and save us.' We just have to NOT get caught up in Satan's world of corruption AND STICK CLOSE TO CHRIST. We must stay sober and alert while waiting for the Lord to return.

When honest hearted, above board people make comments or email me, they won't be ashamed to hide like their real name/ email address like a coward. I am not a hero nor ever said I was. Just an old, disabled, retired, arthritic auto worker trying to survive and spread the Word/ Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was a common soldier with an honorable discharge who had the great opportunity to fly as a crew member in Vietnam: 68-70, and it could have been a lot worse. I always thought that the Infantry had it worse/ more dangerous, but the Army put me where they wanted and that was just 3 years of my life. I was serously injured at Chrysler and other auto/ motorcycle accidents so that I qualified for SSDI, etc. I am far from rich. And now I am a soldier of Christ, an imperfect sinner who is grateful for everything I have.

God Bless All Believers.


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