Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milwaukee Police Officer Shot.

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a must watch when you can find time

Amazing woman

Subject: What an amazing woman - nothing stops her.
There are no sub titles but to just watch this woman is
really something! This is quite long so save it for
when you have time.

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[Below] I know where this area [ghetto] is and what type/ kind of people live on the "North Side of Milwaukee..." I was forced to live there for a short time when every human being deserted me in the Winter of '94-95 -- hard times... lol. Why is it that un-wed welfare moms, shiftless high school drop outs and other derelicts always seem to have money for DRUGS and illegal guns owned by felons? And I will bet my last dollar that ACORN is alive and well in Milwaukee.
I am NOT felon and I [a Veteran]vote for the candidate who upholds the U.S. CONSTITUTION and moral values-- as much as I can judge and research with my eyes and ears. Well, I don't want to sound like a broken record but it's USUALLY HOW A PERSON WAS BROUGHT UP BY 2 PARENTS-- that determines how the child will grow up and be productive or not. That is my opinion. For example, just throw a lot of 18 yer old guys into the 'mix' of Army Basic Training, and when you observed all the misfits, it is likely that they came from a 'broken home' or had some other traumatic event in their lives that makes them so bitter, independent and hard to train. I believe that my Mom and Dad did the best they could raising we 5 children in the 1960's, but I kind of wish I would have/ could have be exposed to the Bible more in early life. It just may have prevented me from learning everything the hard way...LOL. Still, I know the Lord NOW, and that is a good thing, and very comforting.
I feel bad that the majority of my extended family still will not embrace the Lord and Know Him although I have tried many times the best, kindest way I know how to share the good news of the Gospel. Mostly they get a thrill out of reminding me of all the bad things I did BEFORE I found the Lord, and how could a big time sinner like me ever go to heaven, and what gives ME the right to preach and share holy things with others. They don't want to see me happy and joyful-- they would rather drag me down into their ignorant level of stupidity. Surely the devil has blinded them. Go figure, if Jesus couldn't take sense into the Pharisees and Scribes, how can I expect to?? And now I am especially "wicked" for posting that article about some of the Catholic heads being involved in the ACORN scandal yesterday.... Ha!
It doesn't matter if you come in 1st, 2nd or last-- just so long as you cross the FINISH LINE [ get to Heaven!]. Give thanks to GOD and His faithful servants who HELPED you [us] find the Lord! From all my past and recent Blog posts, things could start popping at any time now. There is NOTING THAT WE HAVE, POSSESS, OWN, RELY ON, KNOW, THAT WILL SAVE US, except our personal relationship with God through JESUS CHRIST! And as we patiently wait for His return-- what are we doing in the mean time? Do we all have a share in sharing the Word of God, the fruitage of the lips? Or are we living for ourselves and partying down like there is no tomorrow? Please ponder on this.

My dear wife, helped me by holding a 'box wrench' on the bolts while I was contorting my fat body inside my '07 Dodge Ram 4 by 4 truck bed with the cap on top -- and I am so glad Sharon helped me with that!! She just got back from getting a few tasty bombers/ hot sandwiches from SUBWAY! Woo Woo! I gave her a $50 bill and told her to keep the change. The girls who work at Subway know Sharon very well/ friends. Sharon is a great helper who used to be a 'Tom-boy' and has a lot of mechanical aptitude as I teach her carpentry and welding, self defense, etc. She is a wizard with the PC, sewing, gardening and a great cook. We still argue sometimes but I love her dearly.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord

BREAKING NEWS: Milwaukee Police Officer Shot

A 44-year-old Milwaukee Police Officer has been shot in the arm on Milwaukee's north side this morning. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn says the officer was with a group of police officers and ATF agents serving a high risk gun warrant. More

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