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The Demise of the Dollar.

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<<< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153);">I am still reading the 'FREEDOM FROM FEAR' book --Overcoming worry and anxiety-- by Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller. I love the pure logic and many scriptures that support clear ideas and facts. There is also some heavy duty medical/ biology in it to wade thru and it's like going back to high school Biology class with Mr. Zuelsdorf who was a tough nut and my track coach. He was hard on us but he meant well. He was a Marine in Korea.

There is a place near the end of the book that gets you into a "step system" where you analyze yourself and confess, repent your past sins and bad activities, that I thought was very intense and powerful... and I saw that giving up some harmful things in my mind/ life would not be so bad-- but would improve my relationship with others and God. That is so cool ! On page 305, 'Ways to deceive yourself' -- 'thinking I can be truly religious but not bridle my tongue.' James 1:26, struck me as something, among many other things, that I need to work on. This stuff only works if you are truthful-- and true to yourself. If you think you can cheat on this test or therapy-- you will only fool yourself for a while and not get the real help you need. It's like those who cheat in school or just study to get a good grade-- then forget everything the next year... it doesn't help them in future life.

I am happy to examine myself in this way so as to improve my relationship and trust in God more completely... and have inner peace. Satan is our arch enemy and we need to cut off/ out EVERY SORT OF TIE, INTEREST, AND CONNECTION with him to be totally free of his machinations, snares, tricks and power. The book has an exhaustive, long list of things that COULD be part of our past or present that we need to cast off right NOW. I always think that a well trained warrior/ soldier must be sharp as a razor in combat and ready to move , act, obey in a flash. Too bad I had not read this book about 40 years ago... Ha! Seems like I am always playing "catch- up."

Every young person should have a good Christian mentor, sort of like a 'Dutch Uncle' that can show you the ropes and explain things biblical, etc, like a good youth pastor. I am certainly not going to lambaste my parents for neglecting certain factors/ aspects in raising me-- as I think they did a good job, and I was such a handful... and full of myself... lol. Not like one of my own children regularly does to me and her mother... I hope she gets over it and finds the Lord God SOON! And all the woes of the world and her own shortcomings and personality flaws are NOT my fault! I was not a super great parent either raising my 3 kids as JW's [false religion-- church of the poison mind]. And I did everything in my power to undo that damage even as I was hoodwinked and beguiled by that false cult. But praise God that I finally found the Lord Jesus Christ about 7 years ago and began "deprogramming" myself of 22 years of false teaching-- and re learning the Bible!! Indeed I have come a long way and been preaching/ sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every hearing ear, via email, written letters, everyone I meet while doing business, shopping, even putting short written articles in the local papers! I pass out my 'business cards' with my name, number, email, and a biblical message and even had some neat pens made to that effect. I also pass freely pass out pocket bibles at the Milwaukee VA as I bump into other Veterans there, and even the doctors, and I think it's fun and fullfilling! I guess I am trying to make up for all the years I wasted in false religion spreading the wrong message.

I know now that I must STOP thinking that I am better than others because of my education, experience, God given talents and skills. I also know that I enjoy a good standard of living-- but could lose everything materially in a heart beat with this unstable economy and poor leadership. God is the ONLY one I need to 'impress' and please, not anyone else. To be sure, most of us have deep rooted wrong ideas about a lot of things. This new book leaves no stone unturned and makes a person humble, IMHO. It "jumped out at me" while I was looking for another book at Barnes and Noble, in Racine, WI., a few days ago.

The following article helped me feel better about my [our] financial situation in the USA and the world-- a little, and if we Christians see the vivid warnings and hunker down NOW and trust in the Lord, we will be OK.

Blessings to all my friends and readers!

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Tom Schuckman

The Demise of the Dollar

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 08:43 AM PDT

By Todd StrandbergWhen I first started reporting on the perils facing the dollar, there was little coverage in the major news media about the greenback’s health. Today, concerns about the dollar dominate the financial news.The dollar has had a brutal week. The dollar fell to a 14-month low against a basket of currencies. Currency traders pushed the euro to $1.481, while the Australian dollar.......

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