Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Galloping Globalism

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A lot more happened today than me getting a haircut for $11. -- and taking my wife out for lunch, etc.
Question: Have you ever felt alone trying to make your point in teaching/ sharing something you thought was of great value in life? And then someone else came along with a good reputation, respected as an authority, someone smart and honest-- and put the same thing in a better way? Well, I felt that I had to post about Jan Markell's article, GALLOPING GLOBALISM, that made me feel good about myself and my Bible logic, lol. Yes, there is a logical reason the Bible does not mention the most powerful Nation in the world [USA]-- most likely because we won't exist much longer as a nation!! Bible students can appreciate this-- but all Americans will wake up to this rude awaking, and most likely sooner then we think. Please read and share this attached article. For some people this only means that God's Kingdom and Salvation is near, and for the scoffers/ unbelievers, their days are truly numbered... but the very end of the Trib. won't come for another 7 years or so. Yet, this much I can predict-- most people will do or care little to stop things from rolling on-- just as in the days of Noah and the Flood.

For true believers and servants of Jesus Christ, we know for sure that our salvation is sure/ intact, but now is not the time to sit back and celebrate. Now is the time to do the Lord's work!


Tom Schuckman

Galloping Globalism

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 02:50 PM PDT

By Jan MarkellI think that most of us who have wondered why America is not prominent in the Bible in the last days now have our answer. Of course America did not exist in Bible times for anyone to write about. But surely the most powerful nation ever would have some veiled reference to it in the Bible. The answer is that we have a president trying to make America equal to every banana republic in

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Carolyn said...

Tom, I agree that America will no longer exist, most likely soon. However, I am one of those you say will fight for America and pray until we are taken by the Lord. Just as the Jews of Israel prayed and looked for Jerusalem in all the years of their exile, I will pray for our leaders- no matter how evil they may act. Until they are gone, or I am, it's our duty to pray for changing of hearts. God Bless you Tom for posting this, I always like what Mrs. Jan has to say! And you too~