Friday, October 30, 2009

Recognizing J Street for what it really is.

Tom's Journal.

From what I read and understand, most Jewish politicians in America lean heavy to the far Left, including, Sen. Chuck Shummer, and my own 2 Wisconsin Lefties, Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold. Sen. Lieberman has voted BOTH ways and is now an Independent, so I can't judge or figure him out yet.... Ha! If you know of ANY U.S. Congressmen or women who are Jewish who are NOT Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun, Pro-Gay, or Anti-Constitution, please let me know. The early NAACP was founded by Jewish folks too. They must know me well because they will no longer accept or recognize my letters and emails since my complaints about VA Hospital concerns that are not one of their interests... LOL. I don't hate any Jewish people but I believe that most of them in America lean toward the Left.

As for the way I personally feel about Israel, the Bible clearly tells me that they are God's chosen race and very special [even if they are still apostate now/ yet], and ANYONE who messes with them, hurts them or steals from them is on God's personal hot 'pan of fish to fry...' Israel should stand their ground, fight and vanquish their numerous enemies [which they will-- until the very end when God rescues them] and should not give up one inch of their land! I stand WITH them.
But remember, the Jews in the USA who are in concert with the goofy Dims and obama, etc, of the Left, are a different story. I think that they are just s guilty of wanting to destroy America and get into the One World Gov't / Religion as are all the other Socialists. I think that they control things behind the scenes with their big time wealth. I know that American Jews hide under the cape of supposed oppression and there for have SPECIAL protection under our new " hate laws." I think that bible based Christians are more persecuted, despised and disenfranchised in America now in 2009-- and our new Socialist Gov't in D.C. just loves that!! When you REALLY study/ read the Constitution-- you will get the same realization. Just my studied opinion.


Recognizing J Street for What It Really Is

Posted: 30 Oct 2009 08:40 AM PDT

By Jim HutchensHarvey Schwartz said: "J Street is an American [Jewish] organization whose purpose is to vociferously criticize Israel and its policies (as well as lobby for the adoption of policies which are contrary to its best interests) before the US government."Most American-Israelis I have spoken to recognize J Street for what it really is - a radical, far left organization funded and

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