Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who to Blame for Car Insurance

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I was surprised and upset to hear that my own auto insurance went up over $200 for my '07 Dodge 4 by 4 truck this month- to be paid in Nov., and I figured that there was more to it than just me. In my mind, I thought that the Insurance companies will not be able to sell their individual Health Insurance much longer IF the 'ObamaCare' gets passed-- so they probably figure that they have to over charge their client and gouge them big time on their AUTO INSURANCE! The short attached Milwaukee, WI article has their own view on this subject, but it just may take awhile to get to the real truth... lol. I was going to shop around for a different Ins. carrier, but now I will look into this matter more, in view of the news article.

Sharon was sick again this morning so I got off to church by myself today for the 2 hours of Bible Study and Worship services. There were some very talented people playing the piano, singing and teaching today! I notice that many come up to greet me and ask how my wife and I are doing. The sermons are good and informative/ encouraging, and the church is only half a mile from our cozy little home in Union Grove, WI. We have gotten so much rain that I keep buying more big bags of gravel/ marble to dump in the mud...and I heard the heavy rains might mess up the farmers' soybeans and corn in the field during harvest time. Hey-- I think I will buy more canned corn... lol. The Packers beat the Brown: 41 to 3. Wow!

I am looking forward to next week to get more Autumn chores done before the snows come in November.

Tom Schuckman

Who to Blame for Car Insurance

As insurance companies begin mailing notices to Wisconsin customers telling them that their premiums are likely to increase soon, state politicians are scrambling to avoid the blame. More

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Heli gunner Tom said...

From my dear Cousin, Wanda Jane, in KS:
In saw pictures on the DTN web site, on Friday, of soybeans sitting in water.. it said the beans were rotting. pretty soon they will sprout and will be worthless. most of the farmers in our area have harvested their soybeans and have gotten a good price for them. $9+ a bushel.
Sorry to hear that Sharon was sick again, I hope she is doing better.
more later
Wanda Jane