Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bikes, Trikes, and good times.

Tom's Journal.

<<< style="font-weight: bold;">You really get to know someone when you work with them and you have the same skills and aptitude, combat Vets and Christians too. Marv suffers from a nasty lung disorder...

I got this great set of pix of a 'trike' [three wheeled motorcycle] and it reminded me of all my past bikes when 'I let the good times roll.' My bikes were mostly for going back and forth to work for all those year, like 9 months out of the year and very fuel efficient. But now, every time I hit a bump or a pot hole in the road, it shoots a dagger of pain to my spine,etc... so I sold my big hog.

While there is nothing on TV except the crappy politics and elections, I just wanted to get some sun and do chores outside, cleaning my truck and picking up the back yard, etc. Soon it will be gloomy, with tons of cold snow, so I got to 'catch some rays' now. This weekend should be unseasonably warm in the mid-60's!! Woo Woo! My cleaning lady is here now making the place beautiful and clean, and she is a very hard worker-- came to America maybe 15 years ago from Germany. They have a good, hard work ethic that I appreciate so much! We converse in German a lot and joke around. She is age 63, 3 years older than I am. The VA approved the house cleaning twice a week, and what a God-send!
Sharon is very tired, short of breath, dizzy, and falling asleep this morning, so I told her to go to bed, and maybe I can pick up the load today. And our hot water heater seems to be dying.... and my good buddy, Marvin Ellis says he will be over in the morning to look at it. I might have to replace that next $$$ !

Have a great day!


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madison said...

We've had unseasonable weather here to. The past few days in the mid 60's. But, after today into the lower 40's! We're all gonna freeze, lol!