Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trouble Now-- Godly Peace in the Future.

Tom's Journal.

Tom on the Left with buddies at the BearCat, RVN EM Club--1970. 240th AHC Helicopters.

What really warms my heart is the pure fact that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS down the pike, real, biblical Christians can be happy and confident that their future is in God's hands and they will land on their feet-- and not their heads. But not without some pain and worry in 2010 and onward...as the article points out.
So even though we have Grace and Freedom to do what we want [to a certain degree], won't we want to do what is right, what is commanded? Try to spend/ charge less and live with in our means and hide the 'plastic' in the drawer. I am talking about things that I need to work on....LOL. If I post something that I need to improve on, it pricks my own conscience too so that I take positive action to 'walk the walk' too!

On the other hand, it doesn't take a military genius to figure out how Israel feels about it's own safety,and what history has proved. No one tried to stop the Holocaust in WW-2 when even America KNEW what was happening to the Jews in Germany ! The Jews will never forget that, so that they know they can only trust in their own might for survival as Iran gets nuclear. Obama and his Dims clearly are indecisively ignorant when it comes to military common sense-- and will probably sell Israel out for selfish interests, or fear. Most of the time you just can't use 'diplomacy' with the Big Bully on the block. The only thing that worked for me as I was a young kid in Milwaukee was to punch that bully in the nose really hard to get him off my back as I walked home from school every day! Just like the words to the song, 'Coward of the County' ... "sometimes you've got to fight to be a man..."

Soldiers train hard hoping that they will never have to use their skills in battle/ war -- but in the back of their minds they know some day the battle will come, and they will be ready to fight.
In ancient Israel, obama and the Dims would have been hiding under a rock, cowards that they are, IMHO. Or they would be selling out their own nation and fraternizing with the enemy. That is my personal opinion from observation, just like all the other stupid Bills rushed through Congress and silly Socialistic ideas. 'There is nothing new under the sun.'

I never claimed to be some hero, but I did serve with distinction for 2 years in Vietnam and have friends who were there with me to vouch for me and orders to prove what I say. And through the years I have studied and read many intellectual books to further my knowledge and at least have SOMETHING to show for my 60 years on planet earth. But to tie it all together in the final analysis: 'The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.' --1 Cor. 3:19. And when we look back a few hundred or thousand years from now, we will understand better that the only thing that truly mattered was our service in God's Army-- putting His kingdom first. "Let YOUR Will be done." We certainly don't see that now, do we? Yet, America, collectively with majority voted for a man who did honestly lay out his objectives, including ABORTION, the Gay Agenda, 'sharing the so-called wealth' and other perversions/ illegalities, for the American public-- as Glenn Beck graphically reminds us on TV and Radio. See him daily on Fox News TV, 5 PM.

I must take Sharon to the doctor tomorrow-- her feet, ankles and lower legs are swelled up. Please pray for my wife, as she is in constant pain and poor health.


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