Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Vietnam Question.

Tom's Journal.

I am posting this message in hopes of helping this fine lady get the information she desires. Her past husband served with the same fine Aviation/ Helicopter outfit that I did between 1969-70, BearCat, Vietnam.
Thank you.

Tom Schuckman

Hello Tom and Billy,

I see from the web that you each served in the 240th AHC in Vietnam in 69-70. My husband, Vance LaBounty, also served at that time in the 240th. After his death in March, 2003, I found pictures he had taken while in Vietnam. I have attached one to this email showing two men whose helicopter had apparently just been shot. You can see "FOX" on the nametag of one of the men, and I was wondering if either of you know this man and how to reach him or his family. I would like to share this picture with them.

Thank you, and thank you so much for serving,

Linda LaBounty

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