Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Flunk this Test.

Tom's Journal.

You might want to check out this gentleman's own Blog and book.

Something to ponder... There were true, biblical Christians in other countries long before America was born... and perhaps AFTER America is gone. Does the Lord of Lords shower His protection and blessings on America alone?? The answer is, "NO!"
Missionaries were sent from Europe to American-- and then from America to other countries, and guess what? Now other countries are sending missionaries to America AGAIN! This is not astonishing to me. What goes up-- must come down, and the book of ECCL. tells that all things are the same under the sun as nations and people get to their pinnacle or 'golden age'-- then get too drunk, drugged, immoral, corrupt and full of themselves and begin the whole process over again. I am no different and that is why all Christians must continue to HUMBLE themselves under the mighty but kind hand of God, so we don't lose of who is the Creator--and the created.

To put things into prospective, being a Soldier of Christ comes BEFORE a soldier of any country. Jesus said, "do not be afraid of those who can kill the body-- but not the soul..." And better to me considered a misfit or foolish man in THIS WICKED SYSTEM OF THINGS ON EARTH -- rather than a loser of HEAVEN!! Here is a simple question for the majority of people on earth: 'Would it be better to be rich in things in THIS WORLD-- or rich in God's things and heaven ?'
One more 'test illustration' please and this is just a fictional example. If you suddenly found out that a close relative, father or uncle turned out to be a child molester or murderer, what would you do? Would you deny it even though a ton of evidence proved the fact true, or would you be in denial? I was forced to finally admit that I was in a false religious cult after some 22 years of my life, by the Grace of God. Yes, it was a very bitter pill to swallow, but there was God's own real truth of the Bible and Holy Spirit that replaced the LIE with something much greater. I have had to change my philosophy a few more times and admit that I needed to work on some serious personal failings too. It took the wind out of my sails! But just think and compare 2 different children--- one with a loving set of parents [man and wife, of course] who loved the child much, but that included firm discipline and staying in school. The other kid raised by 2 drunk, drugged lazy people who mistreated that child. Would we not have say that the loved child probably had a better chance to grow up and lead a useful, goal oriented life with meaningful employment?? We all know the answer to that story. Kids who come out of the dysfunctional family, or with one parent and land with both feet on the ground are the exception -- NOT THE RULE! I didn't say it was impossible-- I said it was hard. Ponder, with all the lies poured out by the Left Wing Liberals now days, how could you really know the truth about America? Some say, go to the BBC or Inter Net places for the more truthful views/ news... and then judge for yourselves.

I hope you don't flunk this "test."

Greetings Tom,
Thanks for responding in my guestbook. I frequently go to your blog to keep updated on what another Vietnam veteran is saying and doing. It appears from your words the Lord Jesus is awakening you even more to the times we are in, and the role of America in prophecy. I might have said this to you before, but as a Vietnam veteran you are my friend and as a Christian my brother forever.
I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations, even America, because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch and I hope all is well with you and your wife as we grow older and become afflicted with various diseases. Like you, I am suffering from agent orange related sicknesses, including heart and diabetes.
Your eternal friend,

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