Sunday, December 20, 2009

Joel Speaks.

Tom's Journal.

I am really into Joel's prophecy, and it comes alive in full color for me. It's a very small book in the Bible but jam packed with action and excitement. Pure bible like this gives me the info I need to make educated opinions and clear mind sets, so that I can share them with friends and family. For me, this is so easy and rewarding to understand because we are convinced that this may happen VERY SOON!
And just think, the goof that America elected to sleep in the WH is trying hard to bust up and take away God's own commands/ orders and decrees that the Whole of Israel is to be taken, traded, sold off, divided-- and that goes against God's divine Plan! Woe unto those to try to hurt Israel and try to take away the God- given Land!

So when people pray and work for another [or the Republican party--and I voted for Bush twice...] group to 'take back' the Congress or Administration, there exist so many variations of possible American [and world] collapse.... total currency/ money meltdown, bankruptcy, another battle front, war, etc., or the ONE WORLD GOV'T/ UN take over. And given man's great, glorious assumptions, plans, prospects and dreams that always fail --- I will bet all my money and marbles on GOD'S PROMISES -- NOT man's! I just want to make the point and balance the equation that some people are sacrificing 100% of their time, effort and treasure on MAN'S DREAMS AND FALSE PROMISES. I have done that most of my life-- but now I see the light. Who has more power -- mankind or God?? Further more, there has been an accurate estimate, according to the "Safely Home" book --by Randy Alcorn, and many other Christian missionaries and specialists who work in hostile countries, that places like China have MORE underground Christians than 'above ground' in the USA and Europe COMBINED!! Are we so special and blessed by God at this time, after trying to force Israel to give up more "land for peace''? NO! How about our country / Gov't paying for abortion all over the world, secretly, and pushes the Gay agenda, which God forbids ? We have lost everything sacred and our Freedoms are almost gone. Hey! I fought for America and I still have the Freedom to express my biblical beliefs. Besides, obama is working on 'bypassing' Congress with his czars and his SC [Supreme Court] is handing over the real power to the EPA, etc, for 'Cap and Trade. So what good will a new Congress be then? I will continue my personal fight and vote my mind-- but I already know what the 'Hand Writing on the Wall' says. The real facts of prophecy are that Israel is pinched and pressed, deserted by EVERYONE in the world, that they MUST defend themselves and soon, from nuclear Iran, etc. One way or another God will protect them-- at last for now, until they embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, in the end. The prophet, Joel, proves that so magnificently, IMHO.

But I can tell you all now, for sure, that the majority of mankind simply WILL NOT believe nor trust in the scriptures! My own prideful will and arrogance needed to be broken, and then rebuilt so as to accept the true wisdom from above. And darn it, don't most of us learn these truths so late in life-- if ever?? But instead of beating ourselves that learning late -- give big thanks that we at least MADE IT, and are SAVED ! Hell is forever... and I bet the food isn't so great either.

Sharon and I made it to church this morning, and they gave her a goodies basket filled with treats, etc. They seem to be a warm cozy congregation who are very firm in pure Bible study and edification. I hope the new Chiropractor, Dr. Melby, does me some good on Monday-- I am counting on him...LOL.


Joel Speaks Again - Part 3 (Conclusion)

Posted: 20 Dec 2009 01:01 PM PST

By Jack Kelley. Having experienced an actual plague of locusts in Israel, which he described in chapter 1, Joel understood that the Lord was causing him to see it as a vision of the End Times leading up to the Day of the Lord. He began recording His description of this vision in chapter 2 bringing it to its conclusion in chapter 3, which is the topic of this study.“In those days and at that time,......


Carolyn said...

Excellent post Tom, and full of the Lord's truth! The handwriting IS on the wall- and it's fascinating that the prophecies said that Israel would be alone in her battles coming to the end days-so that's another prophetic fulfillment in our time, that the US is no longer a friend of Israel. Sad, and shame on us- but it is prophecy and the Lord said it would be so. Until the past few decades with all the so called road maps, it would be hard to imagine. Israel will again see the power of their God and Savior, and it will bring many secular Jews back to a belief in God again, and soon, Jesus as well! God Bless you and Sharon TOm- Have a great week!

Chris Geiser said...

Hey congrats on finding a good church. The assemblying of saints is really refreshing for me and I can see it is for you too. blessings.