Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Prospective and Clarification.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

New_M-60.wmv --contributed by a Marine named Kurt from WI.

Hello Guys and Gals!
As you can see, there have been a few changes in my Blog/ Journal for better or worse. Usually the guys don't like changes. They prefer the steady, sure, anchored, reliable people who can consistently deliver the goods. Women, on the other hand, like little surprises that spark up their lives.

My new URL address will be: http.//tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com
... and the blog title will be: Tom's Journal.

I want you all to know that it's not my policy to jump at anyone such person's beckoned call, and I choose not to go with the flow like a dead fish. Some arrogant, prideful goof ball, IMHO, struck a nerve in a mean spirited way, and to be honest and fair with myself, I did a personal 'inventory' of myself, my motives, insecurities and inner beliefs. I just thought afterward that I wanted to tear down one more obstacle/ hurdle that might hinder my message to others who might be searching for the REAL Truth of God's Word-- the Bible.
Actually, my original idea was to touch base, reach out and minister to other disabled combat Veterans and use my combat experiences from 2 years in Vietnam as a platform to perk others' interest-- a mutual common ground. Usually, as has been my own personal experience, many combat Vets will NOT open up to others unless they have "been there" too. A friend named, Billy, a chopper crew chief from my old outfit in Nam, the 240th AHC, and a few other close friends have made me understand some of these things. Bottom line: I can do pretty much what ever I want! I have earned that right! But for the Christian aspect of my life and mission--- I wanted to shift the real glory and prospective to Jesus Christ, not my Army days. However, if someone wants and needs to talk to me [back channel--personal email] about combat, PTSD, Agent Orange, the corrupt VA and Gov't... then I will be happy to engage. I make MY email address available, not like some cowards who are afraid of their own shadows... people who hit/ ambush and then run and hide.

I also like to change things a bit and experiment so the blog won't be stark, boring, hard to read, have the proper amount of contrast-- not red on pink or black on purple... lol. My eyes are getting old and strained too from the tons of reading and research I do almost every day.

I hope that this post will clarify some things for all my friends and readers, and I welcome your constructive, sensible, well intentioned comments. I am still 'under construction' and working out the details.

This is where my father's family and relation were from-- in S.W. Kansas, and they are called "Volga-Germans" with a rich history and story.
Mark A. Eisenhour

Email from Billy:
Hey Tommy boy, if he flew medi-vac dustoff's then he wasn't a door gunner was he ? since we know genuine medi-vacs didn't have guns, sounds like he's full of SHIT ! friggin' wannabee , let it go, he's not worth your reply.
You know that reminds me of a supervisor I once had who told me with a straight face that because he protested the war that he saved my life & I should be thankful, I told him that if that made him feel good about himself then I thought he was just pathetic ! LOL
Those who did, know.