Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Tom's Journal.

Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song

My brain just recently told me to take a short break from my normal routine of shouting into the wind and the 'sea of humanity'-- and worrying too much about the everyday compounding affairs of the world. From all the things I have gotten into [acquired and visited] in my entire life-- good and bad, I have often wondered if there were and how many endeavors to justify my existence. I know that is kind of 'heavy thinking' and sounds too philosophical for a rustic country bumpkin from rural Wisconsin--- [but happy to be 'sheltered from the higher crime and daily violence of the big cities'].
But I figure if a person finally finds the Lord and tries hard to do His will for any consistent length of time--- that has been a worth while effort and something to feel good about. Those who know me understand that I could quote scores of scriptural texts to prove my point, and maybe I will latter. The reason I like wise old King Solomon in the bood of Ecclesiastes is because he used pure logic, in my humble opinion, to prove his point every time. Here is a man who had EVERYTHING and anything his eyes and heart desired. He was a good man in the beginning but latter let some of 'his women' corrupt his better judgment. And my, things have not changed much in the following 4000 years... lol.

The point I shall make today is that there are so MANY worth while enterprises, businesses, fields of study, higher education, skills, arts and crafts, hobbies and personal pursuits that can, will, and do occupy our lives. Me included, of course. My past is no secret to my readers. For a fact, some of us employ Blogs/ Journals as therapy to work out and reason with ourselves what life is all about-- and how to battle the 'giants' in our lives. I, personally, know a man in our small Christian congregation who used to be a multi millionaire, and I have rubbed elbows with other millionaires when I worked for PFS Investments,etc. They put their pants on the same way I do. And when they are broke, depressed, feeling blue or on their death bed, they are not too different from the rest of us. We ALL have the same eventuality-- death! Aside from wanting love, comfort and respect-- most people who realize that we are free moral agents and created by The Creator understand that there is more to this brief life on earth. And why do swans, turtles and trees live to be very old when man dies in about 70-90 years old ?? That should change the equation of life's purpose for us. We are different from other life forms in that we have been given special endowments and qualities by our Creator-- the chief one being LOVE. Animals cannot LOVE. They show great affection, courage and other noble traits, but not LOVE. I know that MANY will try to answer me with a 'NO!' And indeed I really care for our great, talented, guardian Rottweiler who is well trained and able to save our lives, etc. Indeed, I say that I "love" my dog, but it's not the same as a human. LOL, don't get me started... there are dogs-- and then there are some humans who are bitches...and heels... lol... [joke.]
The bible says that, "God Is Love." The more we read and study the bible-- the more we learn about HIS love for us. 'The man who does not read is just as bad off as the man who cannot read!!'

Point in question: Satan knows that he has a short time left on earth to lead humans away from pure knowledge and worship of the Creator. Some [MANY] things that distract us or consume most of our time, suite the devil's purpose just as long as they achieve the same end game/ goal of NOT GETTING ON GOD'S SIDE IN TIME... before the big crash! Even if they are GOOD, positive, worth while things that help other people-- there has to be the correct/ balanced PRIORITY in our lives! As the apostle Paul, said, "everything else in life is trash." Keep your eyes on the prize. I used to have a problem with being a 'news junky' and still watch too much TV-- and liking it less... lol. Now days we have more conveniences and 'toys' than ever before in history, but we have less contentment and continue to charge more on our plastic for more foolishness. I need to be challenged and 'sharpened' too ! That is why many of my on-line friends are more precious to me than fine silver! And big old disabled Veterans need plenty of hugs!

I welcome your kind comments and email addresses for in depth visits and comments.


Brrrrrr, Wisconsin.