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"White Males Need Not Apply."

Tom's Journal.

I have personally seen and experienced big time Black Racism in Milwaukee in the early 1990's while living at 'Vet's Place Central', but was afraid to tell my true story until after I got back on my feet and the Lord helped me pull myself up by my boot straps. That was one reason why I felt compelled to write my own book [autobiography and help book/ expose]. I had a proof reader and a few publishers helping me who told me that I needed at least 300 pages and I only had about 150. I still have the manuscript, but I decided that pursuing the Christian ministry and increasing my biblical knowledge / finding the right fundamental church was a greater priority after I got called back to Chrysler after being laid off for 6 years and a shattered marriage of 22 years. It was a question of chasing after my own 'selfish desires and glory' or looking to Jesus Christ for the answers and Grace to better myself. Growing older makes people [me] challenge what was once a prime goal in life as we see life and death more clearly. I am still astonished why God chose/ wanted to SAVE me, of all people !! But perhaps with my varied, super active back ground, maybe He could use a man who could relate to many different individuals. I could just lay back and enjoy my good pension, etc, even as I am disabled, but I will have to account for these last years of life and lack of service to the Lord, especially with my 'head knowledge' of the Bible and skills/ talents. And I know that I need to do more in knocking on doors and soul winning. But for now in the Wisconsin cold Winter, I will be pounding the keyboard and posting. God bless all true believers and Christian Bloggers/ Journalists.


Obama adviser: White males need not apply
Robert Reich tells House panel stimulus package should emphasize 'social return' over worker skill

Posted: January 22, 2009
12:17 pm Eastern

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Obama economic adviser Robert Reich

A top economic adviser to President Obama has told a congressional panel the billions of dollars in the proposed economic stimulus plan should be allocated with social issues in mind, to make sure the money doesn't go to just "white male construction workers" or the highly skilled.

Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Clinton, was speaking to the House Steering and Policy Committee Jan. 7 about funding infrastructure projects across the nation.

"It seems to me that infrastructure spending is a very important and good way of stimulating the economy. The challenge will be to do it quickly, to find projects that can be done that will have a high social return, that also can be done with the greatest speed possible," Reich said.

"I am concerned, as I'm sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers," he said.

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Reich's statements were highlighted in a video by NakedEmporerNews, which is embedded here:

The hearing took place two weeks before Obama was inaugurated.

"I have nothing against white male construction workers," Reich said. "I'm just saying there are a lot of other people who have needs as well.

"There are ways in which the money can be, criteria can be set so the money does go to others, the long term unemployed, minorities, women," he said.

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., appeared to agree, suggesting federal money be directed to specific groups of people.

The federal government, he said, must "remove the discretion" about where the funds go, or what projects would be involved, even to the point of eliminating any input from governors or state legislatures.

Reich agreed: "Governors ought to be, should be given a choice of signing on the bottom line or not."

Then Rangel noted the "middle class" would be unlikely to create any opposition to funds directed to minorities.

"One thing that you can depend on, you don't have to be worried about what the middle class is going to do. Things are so bad, they have to put food

on their tables, get clothes for their kids, get them in school," he said.

Who is Barack Obama REALLY? Get the book that says his "change" is designed to uproot American culture and replace it with the failed, secular, socialist policies of the past.

Commentator Michelle Malkin said Reich's statements expose "the lie that the Obama administration is actually interested in revitalizing basic infrastructure for the good of the economy."

"No, what Team Obama really wants is to ensure that the least skilled, least qualified workers get jobs based on their chromosomes and pigment," she said.

Malkin cited Reich's own blog, where the Obama adviser wrote of the economic stimulus plan: "I'd suggest that all contracts entered into with stimulus funds require contractors

to provide at least 20 percent of jobs to the long-term unemployed and to people with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level."

This, Malkin wrote, is "spoken like a true-blue wealth redistributor. The 'needs' (read: demands) of politically protected minorities trump the need for competently build roads and bridges."

Reich's blog headline

On his blog, Reich makes his case for, "The Stimulus: How to Create Jobs Without Them All Going to Skilled Professionals and White Male Construction Workers."

"At least 2 percent of project funds should be allocated to such training. In addition, advantage should be taken of buildings trades apprenticeships -- which must be fully available to women and minorities," he wrote.

Race already has become an issue several times in the Obama administration.

As WND reported, Democratic Party strategist Donna Brazile admitted she swiped Obama's complimentary blanket from his inauguration ceremony and then joked it was not a criminal offense because, "We have a black president ... this was free."

Outrage also erupted over the inauguration benediction by Rev. Joseph Lowery, the 87-year-old civil rights pioneer, for asking God to help mankind work for a day when "white would embrace what is right."

Obama reacted to the benediction with a smile.

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A Handy New 'Tool' I just found.

Tom's Journal.

Please check a wonderful, DEFINED KJV Bible --website:

I figure that this new "tool" will help me understand some of the older, archaic words and terms I encounter in the KJV, etc. If the Bible is written in 4th to 5th grade English-- the problem is most likely that modern high school grads 'DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH' ! And I seriously doubt that Mr. Obama can change that cold hard fact. In fact, I honestly think that the country will go backward and down the 'slippery slope', until the Lord Jesus Christ comes, and much sooner than latter. God 'allows' certain people in high places for a reason, and Bible prophecy is being fullfilled right in front of our very eyes faster and faster. For studied Bible students/ real Chrisitans, this is like a super panarama unfolding in spectacular, vivid color right now as we see all the things promised being well defined RIGHT NOW! Obama may well be the "vehicle" that God will use to bring the world to conclusion [especially with his Gay and Abortion fast track agenda!] to the Rapture and then the Great Tribulation, and I surely don't plan nor desire to be "Left Behind." I DO NOT hate Gays and Lesbians nor people who get [or had] abortions. "Never hate the sinner-- Hate the Sin." As a sinner I was condemed to hell forever, but by giving myself to Jesus and accepting Him as my personal Lord and Savior, with a commitment to trying to work on my sins and flaws that displease God, in the mean time. I am promised a place in HEAVEN, and not hell ! For that I am very happy, grateful for this undeserved Grace and Blessing and show my appreciation by studying hard, gaining much biblical knowledge so that I can accurately share this 'Good News of the Gospel' of Jesus Christ with everyone I meet, if possible. That is my chief work and commandment, as are all other Christins according to the Word. BTW, I have found that most average people who become SAVED Christians can come to an accurate knowledge of the Bible in about 6 months so that they feel comfortable in sharing the Gospel, although most people rush off to share this great news with everyone they meet in a few hours... lol. Truth be told, we will never learn everything there is to know about the Bible while on Earth-- but that should NEVER STOP US FROM TELLING OTHERS about the Salvation of God thru Christ! God is behind us and the Holy Spirit puts the right words in our mouths at the right time.
I noticed that a few of my 'blog followers' have dropped off and disappeared... and that's OK too. My on-line Journal was never intended to 'tickle the ears' of the public, but to be a place where true Bible loving Christians could gather,comment and get encouraged. "The Word of God is like a two-edged sword...."~ Hebrews. Christ DID NOT COME BACK TO UNITE-- BUT TO DIVIDE with a sword. [Matt. 10:34]. "And he who does not take his cross and follow after ME is not worthy of ME. [verse 38]." I am an insignificant, raggedy, old, disabled, sinner man-- but the words I quote or expound on from the Bible are precious and life saving. And when I am giving my own, private, personal opinion I try to state that fact and differentiate with note.

Have a great day, because tomorrow will again plunge to below zero temps up here... Woo Woo!! When you are dying of thirst in the hot, humid South-- just remember the cool, refreshing, clean, pure, pristine Northern Wisconsin cool air.


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The basic sources of this work are Weekley's "An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English," Klein's "A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language," "Oxford English Dictionary" (second edition), "Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology," Holthauzen's "Etymologisches Wörterbuch der Englischen Sprache," Ayto's "20th Century Words," and Chapman's "Dictionary of American Slang." A full list of sources used in this compilation can be found here.

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