Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Has Satan's System got you Confused?

Tom's Journal.

Pretty soon this song may be our new National Anthem, LOL : The Hustle - Van Mccoy

Seems like I can't brag for a second for all the personal mistakes I make [even with my own check book!] , plus Murphy's Law. A realist [NOT a pessimist] might say, 'if things are going too well, don't worry-- something bad will happen soon'... lol. Besides that, God dislikes the proud and haughty attitude, but loves the humble person.
I have always longed for the pure, clear, truthful thought process that is logical, smart and on target. For most of my life seeking books and people full of wisdom and knowledge was my main goal.. plus making, investing money so I wouldn't have to worry about my family's future and/ or retirement. Most people would say that I am well off,but I live in a 100 year old house to free up more 'cash-flow.'

Soldiers are taught and well trained to 'expect the unexpected' and to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle. In that sense I used to feel some what superior. But right now, Jan 28th, 2009, I sense a cloud of confusion drifting over the world of mankind. We have plenty of information [TMI] but not the truthful, accurate type of info to make an educated move in every facet of life. Matt.24: 37-41, talks about the last days before the flood in Noah's time,where people were doing all the things that they do in a normal every day rat race.. busy, busy, busy all the time and can't be bothered. And then a huge world wide storm hits them with their pants down. I like to compare that with Katrina in New Orleans, with many folks willing to stay behind and party hearty until the storm blows itself out. I think that Katrina was a small preview of what will shortly come down on us-- and world wide. And the newly elected 'messiah' Obama and all this crooked 'wise men', hidden agendas, strut around and boast that THEY [mere humans] will be able to figure things out by passing some pork barrel legislation...Ha! I think the Republicans have some good ideas, but that won't help much either, honestly. Remember, total financial, economic, and political melt down all over the world will TRIGGER SOCIALISM at the very best, but probably a loss of precious FREEDOMS and strong man- dictatorships at the worst! And once they strip the population of their guns-- the Gov't can then do what ever they want !! The Foundling Fathers knew and understood that!

So, what can we/ should we do now? It always has to do about PRIORITIES. What ever tragedy comes our way, we will always need the basics right away: food , clean water, shelter and clothing. But what can the real, biblical, born -again Christian do right now before the 'storm' hits? Well, if you really believe that mere, frail, imperfect humans can turn this messed up world around-- go jump on some goofy band wagon and get deeply involved in human politics. However, Paul said in 1st Corinthians 3:19, that the "Wisdom of the WORLD [of mankind] is foolishness with God." And Proverbs 3:5 says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding." The vast MAJORITY of mankind [the world] will NOT do the right thing, just as the bible foretells! Even a rat knows enough to get off a sinking ship, but most of mankind will trust in some new, handsome, piped piper, for racial, welfare and entitlements, selfish, prideful reasons-- and go down with the ship. I USED to think that erroneous way once upon a time [even though I worked hard all my life-- and was never unemployed more than 2 weeks unless I was going back to school], but now I pray that I have put ALL my faith, trust and hope in God's infallible plan to save those who follow His Son, Jesus Christ, even onto death. So even though I voted for what I thought was the 'lessor of two evils' my main thrust and allotment of time remaining on earth is and will be spent furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And believe me, the devil tries many times daily to pry my face away from God, and it's still a constant fight for right.
Maybe I should get into poetry.... lol.

Don't get me wrong, there are many good, great, noble causes that need to be addressed right now, and fighting the evil Left on many issues, like abortion, the Sodomite agenda, pork barrel spending, secret, clandestine Executive Orders passed when the Congress is on vacation, etc. The State and Fed Governments bend over backwards to accord Muslims all kinds of freedoms and kindnesses-- but Christians have to fight for every single FREEDOM to live quiet, peaceful lives and worship the way they want. Remember: "Freedom isn't Free!" I also believe that the Army and Navy will be totally messed up by the new Bills, decrees and Executive Orders that are sure to come soon. So much for our Defense.
Why don't we pool our resources and help each other find the proper balance in the coming years or months that we have left before the Rapture, and then the Great Tribulation... please? And many of us that are not in a bible preaching church NEED Christian fellowship and encouragement! Let us use email-- before that is taken away or "thought policed" soon. Above all we all have to weigh weather SOUL WINNING is more important than 'putting temporary band aids' on a sinking wicked system. God will use any true believer and follower of His Son to say the right thing at the right time to some person who is searching for real salvation! You don't have to be a bible scholar or a preacher with a sheep skin to open you mouth about Jesus Christ. If you feel short on words or timid, read/ STUDY the Bible RIGHT NOW! Think: How many chances to get with the 'program' have you had in your life time. If you are reading this post now-- you don't have a leg to stand on to say, 'I never knew any better.'
If I die tonight in my sleep, sinner that I am, God will remember this one post when I get to heaven. I will always feel some guilt for not doing perhaps more than I did to further the Gospel, but at least I will have 'stored up SOME treasures in heaven.'
9 degrees above 0 in Brrrr, WI.

Your Friend and Brother in Christ,