Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Tom's Journal.

Bible Study and Service at church this morning was good and like a shot in the arm for me today! I guess it's like everything else: 'you get out of something what you put into something.' Winner win-- and Losers Lose. Super Bowl will be on in an hour or less and we planned to have a small party with good food, etc for today. The best of both worlds.

I decided to email/ write to a married warrior from our church that just deployed over to Afghanistan recently, Jeff B., and I remember how thrilled I was to get any mail or 'care packages' from home, etc when I was in Vietnam for 2 years... even though it made me very home sick. We used to call the USA, "The World" as opposed to the jungles and sub tropical climate of S.E. Asia, and the totally different ways and customs of the Emerald Tropical Paradise filled with war and violence.
It's still very hard for me to understand how the majority of the world can be blinded by the Liberal 'Media' Oinks and the demonic backed 'powers that be' today, in 2009. But then, in a world without God, they only thing that they will worship is the god of money, sex and immorality. Once upon a time I ran with this 'herd' of animals-- and Satan still tries to drag me back there. We are made in God's image and we are/ should be different than the world of beasts and critters. Go walk in some of our ghettos and you may beg to differ.... it's still a jungle! Just like, Romans 1: 23-32, talking about the Sodomite, perverted agenda now days,and haters of God.

But too many of my dear friends get so upset about these things, 'the daily fare of the world' that they get themselves and their stomachs all tied up into knots of anger. That is NOT productive, my friends. I took me a long time to "detach" these feelings and let God do the fighting. Our job is to help witness to the nations of mankind--here in our own back yards, the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am no different that all of you-- I have to beat myself/ kick myself out of the sack in the morning,even though I am disabled and retired. It's just like tithing money to support the church. How much do we really need to buy to 'make us happy?' When will we learn to use our resources wisely [and I need this advice too] and give the correct amount that doesn't leave us homeless or starving? I need to pay OFF my plastic so that I may give more. I bought a new truck because I need a dependable vehicle to haul our power chairs around and 4 by 4 in case we get stuck in the high WI snow and ice-- and I am not a very good mechanic.

As I have posted before: 'Plan for the worst, and pray for the best' -- but most of my inner core of serious bible Friends/ biblical Christians really think that we may be down to the 'last months' before the Lord comes back. And if He delays a bit more, that only means that we need to reach more people with a witness to His message of the Gospel.