Sunday, February 8, 2009

More "Great" News for Veterans!

Tom's Journal.

I am just wondering how many times I have posted Veteran News like this in the last 5 years. It's getting old!
Nothing ever changes when it comes to proper care for our Veterans, and even welfare and illegal aliens seem to get a better shake than us! BTW, what kind of money is being allocated in Obama's pork spending bail out for the VETERANS? Vets, rise up and take your tan buddy in D.C. to ! No wonder I live on AlkaSeltzer....

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DEADLY DISEASES -- Patients could be at risk of being given
blood-borne diseases including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

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Mistake At William Beaumont Hospital Puts Thousands At Risk
Derek Shore
KFOX News Reporter

EL PASO, Texas -- William Beaumont Army Medical Center announced Thursday
that 2,114 diabetic patients treated at the hospital may be at risk for
contracting blood-borne illnesses.

"I would like to say that the staff of William Beaumont Army Medical Center
deeply regrets that this situation has occurred," Col. Jim Baumchauk, of
William Beaumont, said.

Hospital administrators told KFOX, diabetic patients at the hospital were
being injected with insulin improperly. A medical injection pen was being used on
more than one patient. Even though the needle was changed with each patient,
there are fears the insulin reservoir may have contained diseases from past
patients, which has sparked the fear of contamination.

Doctors said the patients could be at risk of being given blood-borne
diseases from August 2007 until last Friday.

Some blood-bourne diseases include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, as well as HIV,
the virus that causes AIDS.

"We need to investigate, and we need get to the root of what happened there,"
Sen. Eliott Shapleigh said.

Shapleigh told KFOX he was very upset by the news, and has requested an
independent investigation from both the state veterans´ commission as well as the
attorney general.

"If there is medical care that they need to be made whole, if there is
something we can do to make sure that they don't get that disease, right now is the
time to step in and help," Shapleigh said.

If you have questions about your recent care, William Beaumont Army Medical
Center has set up a toll-free hotline at 1-866-770-0194.
posted by Larry Scott
Founder and Editor
VA Watchdog dot Org

When a big Ox gets sick.

Tom's Journal.

Even the farmer's big, strong Ox can get sick and die !
I used to call my beloved big 2004 GoldWing motorcycle, 1800 cc's, 6 cylinders, my 'Black Ox.' Now that Spring is near-- I wonder if I made a big mistake in selling hoo. I have been a 'horse trader' for many years and got many good deals, so if I have some money I might get a smaller, fuel efficient, safer bike that can 'dodge air heads gals on drugs and cell phones on the highway of death...' LOL. That is one of the reasons I got rid of my big beast, and I had SO MANY CLOSE CALLS AND NEAR MISSES LAST YEAR, that I thought I should quit while I was ahead... Ha! Well, I always have my Dodge Ram 4 by 4 truck, but it sucks more gas.
I am still very sick today, but actually getting along with me wife! Woo Woo!

PTSD Combat : Winning the War Within

Rising Tide: 2008 OEF/OIF Veteran Suicides 28% of Army, Marine Casualties; Jan '09 Army Suicides May Surpass Month's KIA Count

Posted: 08 Feb 2009 12:09 AM CST
The continued rise of OEF/OIF veteran suicides reported by the military over the past weeks isn't very surprising news for longtime followers of this issue; but, it's no less alarming. Swamped with conferences, classes, and organizing a Feb. 13 event, Renaissance by Fire: Returning Veterans, Society & the Forging of a New Enlightenment, at the Chicago Cultural Center as part of the Vet Art.

And don't think Obama will even try to help this matter. I guarantee that he will screw the Veterans even more-- but give massive ENTITLEMENTS to the welfare who don't pay into the system, never did, and illegal aliens instead! Open your eyes!

I still feel miserable today, missed church and for good reason-- not wanting to spread sickness. Have trouble breathing, head and nose full of poison and tired.