Sunday, February 15, 2009

A very Blue Sunday for Tom.

Tom's Journal.

Brenda Lee-I'm Sorry (SuperSound)

Well Readers and Friends,
I guess that I am in a sour mood tonight although my Flu is breaking up and I feel better physically-- but my wife left me today [and wants a divorce] and took my older car that I am still paying own. The house and vehicles are all in my name, for good reason. It's hard to trust the 'ladies' Of course, not all women are the same... Ha! She admitted to me a few nights ago [while she had it all planned..] that the ONLY reason she married me was because of my good Chrysler Med. and Health Insurance-- that she milked so vigorously in the past 4 years. But , really, she lied to me from the get go and I should have run her slut butt out of town the day I met her. Ha! Some of my good friends actually told me to do just that. My mom didn't trust her either and told me that she spent money like water when they went to play bingo and just stuffed her mouth with enough food to feed 3 women. She sent me a picture of herself-- but it was 7 years old... and also lied about her health and disabilities. Well, I am certainly no boy scout and I get crabby and rude too much... but I don't lie, steal and cheat, or charge up thousands of dollars in plastic debt behind my mate's back and then let me pay of the bill. Yesterday she put liquor on the Ham before baking it and the Ham blew up and was on fire! Scared the crap out of me as I was watching TV! But she has left the oven or stove on many times too and never gave a hoot about stuff that didn't belong to her. She lied about being a Christian too and never did get into the Bible or the Lord much, so rather than look for revenge-- I well know that "the Lord will repay." And a few more years of life on earth are nothing compared to all eternity in a 'worse place.'
Still, I feel depressed, alone, cheated and sorry. I still have my good Rottweiler, 'Deuce' and a dog won't ever leave you-- they are very loyal. I will see my lawyer tomorrow and also cut her out of my bank account, and she can go back to her $500/ mo. welfare money and live with people her own 'sort.' She wants to go back to OH with her kids [who are having trouble too] and that would best serve the state of WI... lol.

I prayed hard last night that God would allow my best interests and the 'right thing' to happen, so maybe it did, and I should now be much wiser too.
But it's a funny thing that my son came over to visit me today too, and he claimed to have given notice at his nice apartment in Milwaukee-- that he was leaving to be with his so-called girl friend, and then she ended that affair right after ward! Here is one lesson I MUST teach all men-- never, NEVER think that you can save money by sharing a house or apartment with a 'lady.' All you need to do is look at the girl the wrong way, or say the wrong word, and then you are without a place to stay, out in the cold, in a heart beat! I learned that the hard way too, so I just bought myself a cheap house after I retired from Chrysler after over 30 years, that I could afford all by myself. You see, 'ladies' will push for a "nice" house to show off to their friends, that takes 2 full time jobs to pay the mortgage, and when something happens... well.. you can see what is happening to many people losing everything, and our Nation, right? 'We want a champagne taste for a beer price'...LOL! We Vietnam Veterans have had a challenge with relationships for the most part, and it makes sense to do your home work and always leave an escape route open, in case the 'Viet Cong' try some funny business while you are sleeping. For those who have found true love and have a long lasting relationship/ marriage, I say: God Bless You!
Well, my wife hardly ever did the dishes, laundry or any cleaning of the house and she was a real pig with absolutely no love-- just gimme- gimme, so maybe this was the right thing to do. She had no Scriptural reasons to leave me so this abomination be upon HER head, and until she gets right with God, I feel that she is on the highway to hell. Just my very humble opinion. And perhaps God is using this occasion because the woman was pulling me down to hell and He needed to slap me up side the face to wake ME up. But does the Lord always have to use brass knuckles on me?? [joke]
Don't feel too sorry for me, because I need to get my act together too and have been neglecting my bible studies lately. All I can say is that I will try much harder not to make another goofy mistake in my judgment again, or stay single. Maybe I can serve the Lord better without an 'anchor' tied to my leg... and I don't want to jump into another relationship for a long time! Anyway you cut it-- now I can hear myself think with out the constant ragging, nagging, whining and complaints or lying.

I just wanted to make one more point, and that is, I called a few of my so-called "Christian" friends [Robby and Marvin] to come over to give me some support to strengthen me thru this sorted business/ ordeal this morning, and they just couldn't find the time or were too busy! I won't have any time for them either after this, sorry. I told them: "You can't lose a friend that you never had." In other words, 'talk is cheap-- but actions are what count in a person's hour of need.' I pray that those fair weather so-called Christians will see the error of their ways and I wouldn't want any of them to carry MY casket to the grave at this point in my life. They would probably be TOO BUSY FOR THAT TOO.


Rep. Paul Ryan from WI -- Porkfest

Tom's Journal.

'Porkfest' Will Crush Economy, Rep. Ryan Says

Rather than rescuing the economy, the stimulus bill will worsen it, says Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, a rising star in the GOP.

Calling the bill a “bloated porkfest,” Ryan tells Newsmax that it will “raise the deficit, it will raise borrowing costs, it will lead to raising interest rates, which are economically self-defeating.”

The ranking Republican member of the Budget Committee, Ryan turned down colleagues’ requests that he run for House minority leader. Before being elected to the House in 1998, he was an economic analyst and consultant.

Ryan points out that spending stimuluses were tried in Japan in the 1990s and in America in the 1930s, but they never have worked.

“All they ended up doing was cranking up the national debt, raising the borrowing costs, and continuing to stagnate the economy, and they perpetuated high unemployment,” Ryan says.

Even if such plans worked, they would have to spend money immediately to be successful, he says.

“A committed Keynesian would say spend the money right now, in the moment of recession,” Ryan says, referring to the ideas of British economist John Maynard Keynes. “But 7 percent of the money gets spent this year and 31 percent next year. The majority of the money doesn’t even get spent for two or three years. So the plan doesn’t even meet the Good Keynesian economics test.”

In contrast, lowering taxes has an immediate effect on the economy and gives people the correct incentives. He pointed to successful efforts to stimulate the economy by lowering taxes under John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Yet the stimulus bill — costing $838 billion in the Senate version — will require raising taxes in two years or less, Ryan says.

“If an investor, an entrepreneur, or a small business person is looking at higher taxes, they’re not going to have much of an incentive to invest and create jobs,” Ryan says. “If they have lower taxes on risk-taking, they’re going to take more risks. If they have lower taxes on expanding their businesses, then they’re going to expand their businesses. If they have lower taxes on putting money into their business and hiring more people, they’re going to do that. If they have higher taxes, which this bill will create, then they won’t.”

Because the government will have to borrow to spend, “You are taking money out of the private sector, which in and of itself is bad for growth,” Ryan observes. “You are sending it to Washington, swishing it around the bureaucracy, and then spending it slowly in ways that are much less productive than the ways the free market would allocate it.”

Even if one considers spending on infrastructure as good for the economy, the money will be doled out over a number of years and amounts to only 5 percent of the cost of the bill, Ryan says.

“Most of it will occur after the recession is past,” Ryan says.

Having met with President Obama with other members of Congress, Ryan believes that the Democrats are mostly “focused on ideology, doctrine, and rewarding spending constituencies by satisfying all this pent-up spending demand that they’ve had for many years. This bill is more about the spending on pet projects that they’ve wanted to spend on for some time than on actually growing the economy.”

Ryan thinks the Democrats are aware of that, and that is why they want Republicans to back the bill, so Republicans can “share in the blame if it’s not working. But we’re not going to fall for that.”

In the end, Ryan says, “I think the bill will make matters worse. What’s shameful about this situation is our economy is in real trouble. And I do believe a fiscal response is necessary. But we should do a fiscal response that works, not one that has proven to fail every time it’s been tried.”

Will the stimulus boomerang on Democrats? Not necessarily. The economy could recover in spite of the stimulus, in part because of efforts by the Federal Reserve to apply monetary stimulus like lowering interest rates, Ryan notes. In that case, the Democrats will claim credit, he says.

Meanwhile, the issue has energized Republicans.

“We all stuck together unanimously in rejecting this wish list of special interest groups,” Ryan says.

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of View his previous reports and get his dispatches sent to you free via
e-mail. Go here now.

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