Monday, February 23, 2009

Trust NOT in Humans.

Tom's Journal.

Some of us are just slow learners, 'too nice', or unrealistic. By this I mean, we humans tend to trust other humans more than we trust God Almighty, IMHO.... and as I have learned the hard way, first hand, your so-called friends and 'Christian brothers' WILL most definitely let you down time and time again. And there will surely be "cliques, clans and dynasties" in a church-- but we are only human.
It seemed like in the "good old days" when I was growing up and our elders/ parents instilled in us the important value of keeping your word/ your promise no matter what happened. Now days, it's a 'me first' generation, ME , ME , ME, my needs and desires and comfort level FIRST ! A person's Word, Promise, Agreement, Contract mean NOTHING anymore! No honor, no dignity, 'good is bad, and bad is good.' And as the common man/ person looks up at the Congress, Big Business and the President and sees them all LIE through their teeth all the time and break their promises as soon as they get elected-- some of us may feel [Under the heading,lie-- see Il Gov. Blago] that it's OK! As I occasionally cite 2nd Timothy 3:1-17, "But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, (3.) unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good..... etc" -- and that's only a small part of the prophesy on the 'end times' that we are in RIGHT NOW! Now... just turning age 60 and knowing the bible well, I should have known these things! Yet, as the 'Satanic spirit of the world' has surely permeated many 'Christian churches' recently, I should have NOT expected some of my co-called 'friends' even from church to help me in my time of need and sorrow [even as I actually stood up at the Church Bible study this past Sunday morning and explained]. Perish the thought that any of them should give up their comfort for an hour or two to reach out to me when my little world was crumbling and I need some support...Ha!

I bet some of you out there will say that 'Old Soldier Tom' sounds bitter, revengeful, or even un-Christian today-- but I am not. I want to prepare my real friends to remember that these very things WILL and MUST happen, with 'false brothers and sisters' who claim to be 'our friends.' In fact, some of the 'elect'/ the Saints will be tempted and fail/ sin. Our own family and circle of friends will betray us [Matt. 10 ], thinking that they can get ahead, gain influence with the ruling majority of God-haters and Liberal Lefty idiots in power. I see all of them as very short sighted and myopic, stupid, because God is not far away and He sees everything and everybody, and He doesn't forget. This is NOT the time for Tom-foolery nor sleep!

My close Bible friends, writers, Christian Bloggers, journalists, and folks like Glenn Beck, and all serious Bible students who love Jesus KNOW that all it would take is a few disasters, like: Israel bombing Iran or Syria to put the 'ball in motion' and ignite the world fire! Mexico and Pakistan are power kegs-- but our so-called Dem controlled "News Media" deliberately chooses not to talk about this reality and 'flash points.' In the mean time, back in D.C. it's a big cover up and business as usual, with all the corrupt PORK, theft and stupid spending that we cannot afford. And half of the U.S. citizens feel over whelmed and powerless against 'Goliath' and just throw up their hands and quit fighting for what they know is right. They are weak cowards, IMHO, and Chrisians must never be cowards... see Rev. 21:8-- Cowards.

Have you ever really exerted yourself and took a chance on joining something BIG or hard to do? When I was in high school, I wanted to do something special with my life and reach out for something greater than myself. Having not the correct amount of money I was so depressed that I could not attend college even after several accepted me-- so I joined the Army, knowing that they would indeed "educate" me in many ways, and then perhaps I could attend college afterward. Well, it didn't turn out quite like I planned, but some other great things happened.... I eventually found GOD, AND LEARNED HIS WILL FOR ME! What could be MORE important in life? Especially when we consider that we are only here on earth for 70-90 years on average-- and ETERNITY is forever. Half of my life was spent on finding the REAL truth and meaning of life, working hard to support my family and accumulating a few toys and property. And I personally know that people like my brother who is a skilled tradesman who always paid cash for near everything and hoarded hills of money-- who now questions 'what do I have to show for all those years of hard work' along with an 'identity crisis' and 'what can I look forward to now as I am nearing the end of my life?'
I have tried to share my hope of salvation thru Christ-- and heaven with him many times/ years--when he seldom listened but mostly laughed at me.. lol, and now he is a very bitter man with no hope for the future or present and he is afraid to retire. He and his family are, of course, dysfunctional and Bible illiterate, like most of the world.
Hard, active life that I had-- I can still be happy and joyful now and for the future! My main concern is, "how long do I have to serve the Lord on earth and how much more can I accomplish for His Kingdom?" Phil. 1:21 sums up my wish: "For to me, To live is Christ, And to die is gain." I totally understand that to most people on earth, that scripture/ statement sounds completely absurd and foolish. But then, I have never wanted to 'run with the herd' anyway.

Well, we got much accomplished today, but my wife is feeling so tired as her heart is pumping only 1/3 as much as it should, and she is constantly tired and breathless. I told her that she should just relax today and use her Oxygen concentrator-- and I will wait on her. I think that this is the way is should be-- taking turns caring for each other as we both go down that road old age and infirmities. I found out that I love her more than ever--even though we have problems and challenges, and I learned a lot about myself these past few weeks-- and what I need to work on as a husband and man.
The answer to my initial question is: 'Put your trust NOT in man/ humans-- but in God alone.' And that way you won't be let down and disappointed so much.
As I discussed with my wife, we think that we ought to find a church closer to us that preaches the Bible--and with more real fellowship. And we already think we know where.

Warm Regards,