Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sharon is lonely tonight in the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

Tom's Journal.

Well, Sharon just called me again and said she was lonely, but gave me a new update on the agenda tomorrow. She said that the main doctor in charge is looking at a Thursday or Friday window for aortic heart valve surgery-- where as they thought they might do it tomorrow. He wants me to be there in the morning tomorrow so he can talk to both of us at the same time to explain some things. My sister, Susan, who flew up from Tucson, AZ, told me that she would stay at my house in the morning to supervise the VA cleaning lady who is scheduled to clean my house for 3 hours on Wednesday morning, and then she will drive to Kenosha to visit my wife too,.
Two fine Christian brothers from Victory Baptist church went to visit and pray with Sharon shortly after I left her at 11:30 today... and we both thought that was very important and nice; Chip Mitchell and a younger gentleman who is very smart named Tod, from OH., and both close friends of mine.
So these things/ schedules have changed a few times already so that nothing is written in stone, especially when it has to do with hospitals and doctors. I will be nice today and say that things went OK...lol. Sharon wants some 'real' food, and her clothes brought to her tomorrow plus her own CPAP machine and fresh fruit and cheese, etc. A close friend, Penny and her hubby, Rob called me up from CA before, but she had such a bad sore throat that it was hard for me to understand it all. She prays for us all the time and she used to be a missionary in Mexico for many years. I have made so many fundamental, biblical Christian friends these past few months and they are a blessing to Sharon and I, and Sharon's son, Jamie, and fine daughter in law, Tammy from OH email and pray for us often too. But you have to cast your net often to find the fish-- and people to lead to the Lord, and make the right friends with! It's called the "Good Work," spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide! Then the blessing will flow from God.

Deuce, our Rottweiler, was very happy to see me come home around 1 PM today, so he could go outside in the rain to 'relieve' himself, and then I fed him. If we know we are going to be gone for a few hours, we don't feed him but he always has plenty of fresh, clean water, and he is so smart as not to eat any food when we are gone -- as he knows that he just may have to' dump' before we get back-- and the dude has a good brain! I shared a can of Sardines with the cat [Cuddles] and the dog, and now I am about to have a few pickled Herring to sooth my stomach soon. The dog is pretty good natured as he stretches out on the floor, and he is my servant and look out tonight. It's like having a soldier on guard duty while I rest and sleep. I can trust him far more than any of the Dims [Democrat]... lol, and I bet he has a higher IQ too
So it was a long, busy,emotional day for Sharon and I.

More latter,


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March 24, 2009

America's Bastard Percentage Increases Again

In 2007 in America almost 40% (39.7%) of children born are born to unwed mothers. This is an increase of 1.2% from the statistics of 2006. For those who attended government schools this means that almost 4 out of 10 (2 out of 5 if you never learned fractions) babies were born to unwed mothers. The statistic reveal that from 2005-2007 the number of children born in these United States to married women has declined 0.3% while the number born to unmarried women has mushroomed to 12.3%.
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Latest Prolife News and Headlines

Another 'Gold Nugget' of Info.

Tom's Journal.

Russian Roulette
By Jan Markell

Russia has an evil intent, and she is going to be seriously wounded when she perpetrates it. Russia is regaining her old aggressiveness and brutality. White House correspondent Bill Koenig and I discussed it on air Saturday, March 21, on my live broadcast. We know this for sure: The Russian invasion of Israel has not yet happened. It is a future event but we don't know how future. It is often called the Gog-Magog War. According to Josephus, the ancient Scythians inhabited the land of Magog that is now Russia.

Here's what else we know from Ezekiel 38. Many Islamic nations will participate (verse 5). It is in the "latter days" (verses 8 and 16). Israel is "living securely" (verse 8). A major motive will be to seize Israel's wealth (verse 12). Many nations will object but will not get involved (verse 13). God is angry because forces are invading His land (verse 16). God raises severe judgment on the invaders (verse 22). Many nations are awed at this and recognize that He is Lord (verse 23).

The scenario in chapter 39 states that the devastation of the enemy will be great (verse 4). God will send fire upon the lands of some of those involved in this invasion of Israel (verse 6). God's holy name is made known in Israel, and they will know He is the Holy One of Israel (verse 7). Israel will burn weapons for seven years, which may indicate this is a Tribulation war (verse 9). Russia and her allies will be buried in Israel for seven months (verse 12). Israel will know that the Lord God of Israel orchestrated this. His glory is set among the nations and in Israel (verse 21). Israel will have some kind of spiritual awakening (verse 22). God will not hide His face from them any longer for He will pour out His Spirit on the house of Israel (verse 29). This should not be confused with "all Israel saved" at the Second Coming.
Since Bible prophecy is in a fast-forward mode, we need to be paying attention to major events taking place. One of the issues that those with their eye on the sky have wondered about is what is the wealth Israel possesses that is so vital that Gog (Russia) and her allies are willing to invade Israel to seize it. A story many seem to think significant is the fact that Israel has just discovered five trillion feet of natural gas off the shore of Haifa. And that is just for starters. It is believed there is much more soon to be tapped into, as well as oil not yet discovered in various parts of the country. Oil may be a speculation but the natural gas is a reality.

Russia needs natural gas! That was, in part, her reason for invading the former Soviet state of Georgia. Additionally, Russia is building seaports in Syria and Libya. Libya is one of the participants in this forthcoming war. Another participant -- Turkey -- is now more aligned with Russia than ever before. A primary participant in the Gog-Magog war is Iran who is always strengthening her ties with Russia.

As for other items of wealth or a "spoil" in Israel, we should include her Dead Sea assets and technological wealth. But it is the natural gas find that everyone should keep an eye on. This was the missing piece of the puzzle! And hardly anyone is paying attention to it. The media just says this will be a great asset for Israel as they are clueless about the Ezekiel 38-39 passage and how this find might apply to biblical prophecy.

Returning to the theme of the rapid escalation of events today, Dr. Thomas Ice says,
"Things are moving so fast in the last six months that stage-setting events are happening at a speed no one person can keep up with. Prophecy is on fast-forward!"

Dr. Ice also says,
"God's plan for history always moves forward in relation to what He is doing with Israel. Thus, the fact that Israel has been and continues to be reconstituted as a nation is prophetically significant, so significant that it makes Israel God's 'super-sign' of the end-times. Were Israel not a nation again it would be impossible for events of the end-time to occur since so many of them take place in that tiny country or in reference to her. But she has returned and so it is that all other aspects of Bible prophecy are also being prepared for the grand finale of history."

Yes, it is a tragedy that the church today does not care about this topic, but the Bible predicted scoffers near the end (II Peter 3:4). Too bad much of the scoffing is coming from church pulpits. And it grieves many of us that once-solid denominations and churches now embrace Replacement Theology that says the church is the new Israel. Nonetheless, in this dark day, keep looking up -- even if you get a stiff neck.
Keep listening for the sound of a glorious trumpet! Stage-setting signs have never been so prolific! Not everyone has this blessed hope!

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Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell
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