Friday, March 27, 2009

Sharon's Heart Surgery was a SUCCESS.

Tom's Journal.

I had a very long hard day starting when my wife at the hospital phoned me at 0400 to wake me up. So I was at the Kenosha Memorial Hosp, down near the |Lake about 4:45 and the staff decided to move her surgery up from 7AM to 6:30 so that cut down the amount of time I could spend with my wife. Well, as I waited in the waiting room close to the O.R. they sent nurses/ runners to make progress reports ever 2 hours or so, and it took the 2 doctors, Dr. Stone, and Dr. Kumpata, 5 1/2 hours to successfully complete the surgery! I just got home a few minutes ago because there was nothing more I could do-- as Sharon was put into a drug induced deep sleep for the next 3 days, and she is hooked up to so many hoses, lines, etc., and by law the nurse forbade me to take any pictures.

From what the good doctor Kumpata told me [in the flesh] was that it was a difficult maneuver/ procedure and they knew what they were up against [from past experience], but so far they say it looks good-- a SUCCESS! Brother John Falkner, from VBC was the only one who stopped in to visit me for a few minutes-- and then he had to take his son to work. He is a dear old Christian friend of mine who helped baptize me back in 1997, and he is a kind, mature, smart Christian who does more than his share of work! Mrs. Habel called me once or twice on my cell phone while I was waiting to check in on Sharon's progress, and I will send her this report in a few minutes, and to all others.

After 5 whole hours went by, I began to fear the worst, and started to panic a bit with anxiety attacks, and I could feel my blood pressure go up--and part of this is a personal thing related to my PTSD and combat in Vietnam 40 years ago... [and I needed to take my meds at home]. Then after being there almost 11 hours, they told me she was done, but I would half to wait another 1 1/2 hours while they hooked her up with all sorts of tubes and lines. I got frustrated and told the girl who monitored the progress in the waiting room that I desperately needed to take my meds at home 22 miles away, and all I wanted to do was to see my wife to make sure she was alive, breathing properly, check on her, talk to the attending nurse who was watching her every second-- which I did in person a few minutes later, but then Dr. Kumpata appeared in ICU/ recovery, and was kind enough to give me the full report/ status of my dear wife. He looked serious and sober/ grave when talking to me but assured me twice that the operation was indeed a success. Knowing that she could not see or hear me, I then went home to shake off some of the high stress. I was praising and thanking my Lord and Savior all the way home for Sharon's recovery and spared life-- as she was so close to death these past few weeks, and in the Operating Room today.

Footnote: when I first came in to wait, I met a lady named Judy, my age, widowed, who was waiting for her own son to recover from a gall bladder Op., and I struck up a long conversation with her about the Bible, and I witnessed to her and even had her read some scriptures from the Bible I had with me [as I always try to carry in case the opportunity strikes! She liked and admired me a lot and learned tons of interesting, good things, as the Holy Spirit guided my tongue and brain--- and that made me feel very good inside! I gave her my business card so she could email me for more instruction if she cared to. It is SUCH A GREAT PRIVILEGE to be "used" by God, as a "tool" to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other people!! I even taught her how to say the 'Sinners Prayer' to get Saved and right with Jesus. PTL! More about this latter.

I know that Sharon is not completely out of the woods yet, but a big load of fear and anxiety and chest pains melted from my weary body after the 'good news.'
As I told her early this morning, 'maybe she will be a completely different woman after she heals and that will give old Soldier Tom MUCH more love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, self control, goodness, mentioned at Galatians 5:22 !
Hey-- I did more praying these past few weeks than I have in a long time [bringing me closer to the Lord-- and my wife...], and found out just how much I cared for Sharon, love her, and miss her at home. I won't mind helping and nursing her when she finally gets home and realize that she will be unable to work at all-- and I figured out how to do the laundry and operate the washing, etc..

More Reports as I go to see Sharon every day.

Thank you for all your comments, prayers, thoughts and well wishes...

Your Friend and Brother in Christ,