Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Report on Sharon L. Schuckman.

Tom's Journal.

Daily Report on Sharon's Progress.

I tried to concentrate on Bible Study at Racine Bible church and then the main Sermon in front shortly after, and I even wrote down some notes the head Pastor's talk that I could use-- and shared them with Sharon latter. I used a quarter tank of truck gas today but that's OK. I stopped at Popeye's chicken on the way home and share some chicken with my hound dog, Deuce. Now I have the 'new' church all praying for my wife's speedy recovery-- but speedy it won't be from all the shock and awe, damage, age of patient and trauma. They had her on a heavier dose of sedative today, possibly because they want her to stay completely still so she won't pull off/ out some of the dozens of lines, hoses, breathing tubes and contacts attached to her, and I believe that they also have one "port" open in her neck-- to recieve meds quickly. I wish I could take one picture but they watch her and me like a hawk... and it is really illegal... so they say. This is all so incredible to me, and as my Dad used to say, 'in the old days people just died!' I was very cordial to the RN this time, and she gave us some privacy for 15 minutes. Sharon acknowledges me with her slight up and down shakes of her head, but she looked so tired, weak and sleepy today, and 'out of it.' I told her about all the good times we will have this Spring and Summer in the back yard with me grilling the steaks on the grill and I will do ALL the gardening this year. I noticed her chest and stomach breathing up and down harder as she got excited at some things I told her about, and as I was stroking her arm and hand, with my usual joking and bravado [baloney]. I am an entertainer at heart and I love to make people laugh as I clown around. And with all my years of adventure and wild times-- I don't have to exaggerate much! Then out of thin air, again, the head surgeon, Dr. Ganesh S. Kumpati appeared and made His way[floated] over to me as I was about to leave, and as he moved into Sharon's cell, all of a sudden there was a rustling in the air like wind as if the Holy Spirit visited Sharon's room [with the color TV on without sound] and 3 nurses rushed in there with and after him in a heart beat fawning over Him. I sensed something was amiss and became slightly anxious grabbing a few staff near by to tell me what was wrong. They told me that when the DOCTOR came in they were on like a RED ALERT status so as NOT to waste the doctor's precious time. Ahhhh, OK!
The good doctor had time to speak to me a few minutes, and I think I heard him say, "God Bless You," as we both turned around to leave. I mounted my Golden Avenger chariot and went away, up to see Marv on the 7th floor.

Well, I was still dressed up from church services with a Patriotic 'flag' tie and my leather jacket had Army aviation wings and a silver [Chrisitan] cross on the left lapel. Oh well, it's good to show respect and kindness to everyone, IMHO... and that used to be a hard pill for me to swallow, and even my Dad taught me the opposite. Dad said, "you don't ever let your enemy give up again" -- Army too. But my new heart has gone 'Chrisitan' finally-- not worldy, savage, fleshly anymore, PTL.
It just so happened that one of the 3 associate pastors at the new church that we just started a few weeks ago, RBC --Racine Bible Church--, took me under his wing and "claimed" me as one of his personal guard/ soldiers, [partly joking...], and his fine wife, Carol, just had thyroid surgery, and is still weak sat next to me for the main sermon latter, and I could tell that Wayne and Carol are deeply in love, and they had just gone thru what I am now with my wife. At the prior Bible study that he conducts, with plenty of hot coffee and bakery/ pastries, sugar fix, and I brought some bananas and oranges today too, he had us studying the whole chapter of Proverbs 25, which contained verse 21. "If your ENEMY is hungry, give him food to eat; And if her is thirsty, give him water to drink [not]; 22. For you will heap burning coals on his head, And the Lord will reward you." ~ NASB. Pastor Wayne, but he told ME to just call him Wayne, tried to include ever member of our small 11 person group each Sunday, although I guess anyone can walk in. I chose these two scriptures because I research them a 100 years ago. I said, "I could be wrong, but I think this is also recorded in the book of Matthew also, [and Wayne said, 'you're right'], and it would seem like this advice/ counsel sounded strange as if it suggested bringing pain on our enemy, burning his head with hot fiery coal from the Weber grill! But looking up some key words and thoughts in the original languages, Hebrew and Greek [please see and get the web site/ geat tool: "e-sword", for free, on the Web!] and we find out that putting hot coals on top of iron and gold/ silver ore in ancient times would DRAW the precious metal away from the dross [useless bi-product]. So too can we use KINDNESS to draw the good out of mean, angry people. I am living proof of that--lol, and I have seen that tactic done many times. Hey! ... that angry person may be in acute, horrible physical or mental/ emotional pain and anguish and really wants someone to care and help him!! That person is precious in God's sight--Christ DIED for him/her too, and it may be YOU or me who helps bring him to Christ and everlasting life in heaven. Otherwise, if WE wimp out-- he may be lost and damned forever, and that is what the Bible calls Blood Guilt-- [see Ezekiel]. I brought these points out too. Anyway, Wayne's good wife took one of my bananas [that was in my front basket of my power scooter-- which is the rave at that church After that, Wayne suggested that they rip out two seats in the very front row to accommodate my 'Air Mobile' scooter in the front row where they normally sit. I thought, how special, kind and considerate of them to welcome a new guy/ stranger! You would not see something like that at my 'old church....' --sorry. What a breath of fresh air-- and it seems like there is ALWAYS someone around to help me open doors or tie my shoes, etc at RBC. I am happy-- and will be very happy when I can worhips together with my wife again.

The doctors and staff think they might remove Sharon's breathing machine hook up tomorrow, but they must 'play it by ear.' And I think that with Sharon's age, 60, just a few months older than me, she will heal in spurts, but with me visiting her every day with support, she will heal faster. I want to watch out for getting her too excited and take things slowly with her. I saw and visited with my close buddy and Christian brother, Marvin Ellis after Sharon and gave him a banana too. His room was much warmer than Sharon's so I pulled off my jacket. It wasn't 15 minutes and the nurses by him started walking in to do a bunch of tests on him and/ or his room mate, so I said good bye.

Have a good day--- and count your blessings.