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Tom's Journal.

We went to the VA today



Here is a recent comment from a pastor [my friend] in Las Vegas who manages a rescue mission and Christian out reach:

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Blogger RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Debbie makes an interesting point about church congregations.

The whole idea of belonging to a church is having the support of others and supporting others; supporting one another through fellowship and having the closeness of our Christian brothers and sisters called brotherhood and sisterhood.

A church congregation should be the "flock" and Jesus Christ its Shepherd.

The opposite is being alone.

God does not want us to be alone. He wants us to be together to love one another and help one another in time of need and time of joy.

He wants us to feel the suffering of our brothers and sisters and feel their pain. He wants us to help them ease their pain and suffering.

He wants us to share what we have with them, and some of that sharing is ourselves, our love and our compassion.

Sometimes it only needs to be a visit, to bring great joy to others, just to say, "Hi, I am here. I am here with a shoulder for you to cry on, to lean on, or just to talk to, to vent, or to hug. I care. I am concerned. I will share your pain and ease your burden and warm your heart."

Just a simple visit...

Keeping company with our brothers and sisters keeps us from back peddling and stepping away, and too we should help others stay focused on our Lord.

Debbie was correct to leave the church and so where you, Tom, and find one that follows the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Many churches lose members because they do not do what God wants them to do. They often collect money but do very little for humanity--even their own members. They shun or reject the very people
they should be accepting and helping, etc.

The more people read the Bible for themselves, the better they will understand what Jesus expects of us, and the better they will know when a priest, pastor or church or another member is not following God's Plan. They will know when to leave a church in search of another.

It is not enough to witness and help save others. We need to "adopt" them and nourish them with God's food and help them establish DEEP ROOTS in good ground--otherwise they will be confused and slide away and be fodder for Satan. (ST. Mark 4:1-34)

We need to treat newly saved Children of God like little lambs and raise them up until they are full grown sheep belonging fully to the Shepherds flock at the point where they can make it on their own and raise their own little lambs.

Sometimes we need to look elsewhere for our right church. Find the one church that fits. The Holy Spirit will guide us to that path. You only need one church and that church will fulfill the obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit will tell us when it is time to leave one church and go seek another. Let Him be your Shepherd and follow His guidance.

Blend with other true Christian brothers and sisters and shake off the dust from your shoes as you walk from those who are not True Christians.

I am happy for Debbie finding her happiness. I continue to pray you and Sharon will soon be joined in happiness and no longer in worry, fear or pain.

Best wishes, Gunner.

In Christ
Brother Cliff Harrison

March 31, 2009 1:13:00 PM PDT


Permission to post-- from Debbie.

Tom's Journal.

I have permission to post this email from a friend:

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Yaaaaa! That's the Tom I know and love;) I will cheer you on! I know you and Sharon have had some serious ups and downs- but you know as well as I- there IS a reason- we may not know it in our lifetime- but the Lord knows. I always thought about all the shit w/ that dumb ass David??? Like what the heck did I ever do to get such a loser like him? But- alas- I allowed it and only the good Lord knows why. But now I am w/ such a good man that I truly love and respect and Bill feels the same way. Bill appreciates the woman that I am and celebrates it. I feel the same about Bill; David wasn't even in the ballgame. I thank God many many times over for all that HE has given me- AND for all HE has taken away. Yes- I know you gave a lot of your $$ and time and loyalty to VB. It is such a shame but I think it happens a lot Tom. You know yourself there is a "core" of people in the church that give the most, help out the most,witness the most, etc. Then something major happens in your life and you think these very people who you feel are your church family don't give 2 hoots for what is happening to one of their own- YOU. Sad to tell you- the same thing happened to me at Union Grove, WI. Methodist when Ben died. Here I was- all alone . Ben and I gave and gave worked and worked an did whatever we could to help out that church and when I needed them only that ONE time- where were they? Not one of them after the funeral ever even called me. It was as if they just didn't care. I stopped going to that church- it was too difficult to look at them and know that Ben and I had given so much and no one could give me just a little support. It was my friends that helped- not my church people. That's why I say- it's you and God. Remember- Jesus trusted all of His Apostles, too. No one helped Him either. It is terrible about your family though just terrible. Man I bet Sharon looks bad- I remember how Ben looked- it was scary to see him so helpless, pale and weak- so again- I know where you are coming from. So just keep laying back and use your strength to visit Sharon and your friend. Keep your chin up! It's a long road ahead and you have to make the journey w/ as little scathing to yourself as possible. Go to sleep, rest and sweet dreams of better times to come- maybe here on Earth- but for sure in Heaven! I'm outta here and hitting the pillow;)
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