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Throwing the USA under the Bus.

Tom's Journal.

These 'New World Order' people, including obama don't leave much to the imagination, do they..LOL?

Throwing America Under the Bus
By Bill Wilson
(Note from Jan: Bill Wilson, in his "Daily Jot," sums up the recent G-20 meetings so well that I wanted to pass this on.)
The mouthpiece of the new world order -- the mainstream news media -- is falling all over itself to show the images and symbols of how leaders of the 20 most powerful nations on earth came together to "save the world." Their tinny reporting has all the makings of a corny B movie about a bunch of inexperienced, yet cunning crooks, plotting to close down or control all the places where people keep their money, steal the world's wealth, redistribute it among their buddies, and deceive the masses while appearing to be a frat house of raucous superheroes. Unfortunately, the world stage is little different than Hollywood and the myth of the movie is, in truth, a reality show.

Great Britain's Prime Minister Harold Brown whipped the media into a frenzy by declaring, "I think a new world order is emerging and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation." Brown underscored a global Communist theme in saying, "We have resolved from today, we will together manage the process of globalization to secure responsibility from all and fairness to all."
Brown summarized the accomplishments of the G20 summit saying world leaders embarked on the largest redistribution of wealth in history by agreeing to reform banks, restructure the global financial system, give money to the poor and ensure "a green recovery."

The man who now occupies the Oval Office threw America's sovereignty under the bus, joined up with the gang of 20, and agreed to an international heist of a trillion dollars as the first installment of redistributing America's wealth to the rest of the world in support of programs that will make his Socialist and Communist buddies richer and more powerful. He explained his strategy of compromise to adoring reporters:
"Each country has its own quirks and own particular issues that a leader may decide is really, really important, something that is non-negotiable for them. And what we tried to do as much as possible was to accommodate those issues in a way that did not hamper the effectiveness of the overall document."

Even Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hailed the US President as "my new comrade." The Russians are ecstatic over the possibility of the US now reversing all previous policies that protected America and her allies from Russian-inspired attacks.
In II Timothy 3:13 the Bible warns of the type of leaders that would emerge in the latter days. "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." The world has witnessed the very foundational cornerstone being laid of a one world order. And those who do not know better are embracing this deadly plague dressed like a virgin bride -- just like in the movies. This script, however, was not written in Hollywood.
(Learn more about Bill Wilson and his "Daily Jot" here.)
To learn more about the one-world global effort, visit this link at my Web site.
We will talk about this and much more on this weekend's live radio. My guests are Brannon Howse from the Christian Worldview Network and Jerry Robinson. Robinson's new book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation, outlines the world's economic dilemma from a biblical perspective and where he believes it is headed.
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Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell

Friday at 44 degrees.

Tom's Journal.

I am in the process of going thru my past blog and deleting all proper names of nurses and hospital staff I had previously mentioned one way or another. I never meant to be mean-spirited, but I hate to be called or labeled as "sarcastic" when all I am trying to do is help my wife get better, competent care while at the hospital. I am sorry if I offended anyone or hurt their feelings.

Hey! Hello.
It was fun to be a dreamer with the luxury of being home on my parents farm in WI, going to school and playing sports, and learning things, ideals. Reality, however, is another whole game, and I am sure there are many stories like Audy Murphy and Jimmy Stewart movies coming off the farm and into the Army--into combat. Many kids didn't even have to join the Service to experience hardship as they were terrorized and abused by parents, relatives and sibling. Shame.

My good younger Christian friend, Tod, went with me [I sneaked him in with me] to see Sharon in CCU this morning as agreed. the hospital chaplain and all of us took turns praying for Sharon and she loved that. Things are still going slow for her and her respiration hose in still crammed down her throat--very uncomfortable. She cries and is so frustrated that she can't tell us what she wants, and we feel helpless too, but there is still some things we can do with "questions for me-- and nods from her head."

Tod walked a few miles today in MY shoes, and now he is better for it, and wiser, IMHO, and he is very zealous for the Lord and smart as a whip.
For guys who like to collect good quality knives, etc., see and get their free video tape on Cold Steel proof, and how they put their products thru the most brutal of tests to make sure they are the best. They take a knife and put it in a vise, then bend it to the side 30-40 some degrees-- but then it comes back to 'true' unharmed. That is the type of individual I want to be. When abused or over stressed-- I want to be able to shake it all off my shoulders and gaze at my Lord Jesus-- and 'come back to true' , normal, with love, joy and peace again. Some day that WILL be true for all of Jesus' followers and servants, Saints!! In the mean while-- we must 'run the course' either until we die or the Rapture comes.

Friends, this is MY blog, my thoughts, my sharing of some sensitive, personal things. And when a 'new comer' come stomping in looking to just spread his own brand of "personal advice" with a pushy, sarcastic attitude-- sorry, but I have --and will continue to cut people like that off at the knees-- and I don't care WHO he is, where he's been, or what he thinks he represents. This happens only rarely so I have not applied too much supervision and oversight... yet. But if it gets too bad, I will do like others and monitor all comments FIRST before I release them for posting. Sorry MR Greed, you don't have manners enough to post comments on MY Blog. Have a great day! Bye Bye... If you want to push this issue and make trouble-- 'bring it on!'

On to bigger and better things now ... back to what Bro. Wayne from Racine, WI told me when he came over to my house yesterday, 'It doesn't matter what type of set up, system, way you do things in your own house and/ or regimen concerning bible study-- JUST DO IT !! lol. For some, getting up one hour early to be all alone in the quiet in the morning while others are still sleeping is the BEST, IDEAL time. For others maybe late at night, or whatever. I guess it's a lot like school home work. And YES, Christians never stop learning-- and also getting closer to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master. To that end, with some of my eye sight failing, I actually love to sit out side in the sunshine, but not in a Wisconsin Winter.... Ha! And the Sun does something good to me and my attitude and dry that works for me. Night time is for sleeping. For my wife-- it's just the opposite, but after this ordeal-- I am sure that we will be looking at things much differently from now on. One of the hardest things to do is to SHUT OFF THAT TV ! I just love my comfortable EZ chair and like a little diversion after the hard day of running around and my legs and feet are sore. I used to read for hours in bed, but now days I fall asleep too easily. Please tell me what works for you. Maybe I can get some better ways to read and study.

Dear Penny and Rob, from CA called me on my cell phone a while ago, but my batteries finally went dead- so I have it on charge right now. Please pray for Robert's bad ankle, sore back, and Penny too! Thanks. Sorry my phone went dead as we talked, Penny. Those 2 fine people are very special to me. God Bless them!

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Tom Schuckman

And I am NOT afraid to leave MY email address in case someone has something personal/ sensitive to say to me:
Just apply the Golden Rule.... how would you like it if...........................some one did something to YOU?