Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is a CHINO? Answer is below.

Tom's Journal.

I am getting ready for another full day of doing my 'road trip' to see Sharon L. Schuckman, my dear wife, which is a labor of love. This tragedy/ her open heart surgery, which is taking a long time to heal and work right, is sure bring us closer together and also bringing us closer to God. It's kind of like hitting 'rock bottom' in your life and time to step back to look at your REAL priorities. Holly Wood likes to make mega- movies of tragedy like Towering Inferno and other calamities to "teach" people what they think really counts in life.

I hear a lot these days about so-called 'Christians' [actually, CHINOS-- Christians in NAME only] not having the biblical 'world view' or even basic bible literacy and understanding. Look how a certain 'block' of religious people in America voted this past November, and are now regretting it. If I mention the name of that Christian religion--- I will surely lose friends in a heart beat....that I love and pray for, sorry. What were they thinking as they claim to respect 'Pro-Life' AND the Constitution , yet voted for a man who does just the opposite, being Pro-Abortion, etc !! Well, I have voted for the wrong man a few times too-- voting with my wallet in mind, young and foolish, or the 'lesser of two evils' as I saw it. I am no better than others, but I continue to learn and change according to the 'BOOK'.

The main point I wanted to bang out today is a the new 'Defense Mechanism' I recently learned from a good friend, Wayne. Before-- when some irritating situation or condition got me angry or upset, I would take it out on others or make myself sick with worry or say something hurtful or wrong headed. NOW, when something flies in my face suddenly that either worries me or makes me angry-- 'I tune in to Jesus' , and the great JOY and HAPPINESS He brings me! It works! I carry copies of the bible with me all over, share them, give them away, preach and witness more, and it makes sense to be 'Pro-Active' and positive as much as we can. Yes, there is a time for sadness, hurting, grieving, according to ECCL. 3. But as most of us know-- too much - too long with the negative feelings will poison our guts and carry over into our relationships with others [don't I know...]. And from now on, I will try harder to visit others in the hospital who are sick, injured and disabled and cheer them up. So you see, there is a silver lining in dark clouds.

I have heard from a Ph., D who helped me a few years ago, that we all use a form of self hypnosis when we fall asleep at night. We go thru out little 'ritual' -- as we should, and then get some zzzzz's. My new found way of confronting hard, distressing things is to mentally push a button in my brain-- the 'Jesus Bottom' which then instantly reviews all the good things that Christ has taught us in the Bible, promised and done for us already, all the grand promises about heaven, happiness, no more pain, sorrow or suffering, and life in a beautiful home in heaven being with God forever! I know from special classes and training that this is called IMAGERY. The only 'problem' that I can see is: lack of true belief in God and Jesus, and/ or being too lazy to feed ourselves by READING/ Studying THE BIBLE! Even people of pagan beliefs study hard, and they will reap hell in the end if they don't come to know Jesus Christ, and I really don't care if what I am saying is 'politically incorrect!' Sooner or latter all Christians will be scorned and persecuted by the 'New World Order' that jelly fish and cowards just let it happen. I say, 'bring it on!' They can kill my aching body-- but not my soul.

I just wanted to share this with my biblical Christian friends today. BTW, The price of SILVER yesterday was a low $13.96 ... so I bought just a few pieces.. Wow! I figure that our American dollar will fail-- and a 'new world currency' will take over, per the latest G-20 Summit meeting, but precious metals will always hold their value. |However, the book of Ezekiel says that men will be throwing their money in the streets when they find out that it won't save them from God's wrath in the end. Ponder on that. Too, I am not putting all my eggs in one basket, but storing certain things with other trusted friends. Just my private, personal opinion.

I hope your day is good. I am out the door to see Sharon now.

Cordially, in His service,
Tommy Schuckman