Monday, April 6, 2009

"Simply Jesus" ~ by Joseph M. Stowell.

Tom's Journal.

I still can't say enough praise and appreciation for that small bible based book that Wayne Bielgaard gave me last week when I was down in the dumps, slightly bitter and upset about my wife's open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve. I will NOT speak about her state or progress anymore on this Blog until she is out of the hospital, safe and under my care only, protective wing, for personal reasons. She is far from out of the woods yet, however.

The book, SIMPLY JESUS, ~by Joseph M. Stowell, appears to be simply written, short and easy to understand, IF an honest person is searching for the Lord, or looking to get more from a personal, closer relationship with Jesus. Much info and teaching comes from Paul's letter to the Philippians, which is one of my fav. books of the bible and only 4 power packed chapters. For me, with the avalanche of super stressful events recently, this small book has been a 'God-send' for me, along with some expert Christian counsel from a new friend who has been very gracious and understanding. Other than the whole chapter 3 which cut me to the core and exposed my wrong headed mindset, self aborbedness, thorn in my side that has been a wedge between Jesus and me most of my life, I would like to quote Psalm 139: 23-24: "Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, And lead me in the everlasting way." On page 18, it says that, 'if there is any bitterness, pride, etc, other bad things holding us down-- Jesus won't meet us on those playing fields. He'll just meet us there to pull us out of the ditch of our own ways, but He won't stay there with us.' This 'fine- tuning,' understanding of the way God works in us-- with us is key, and the missing part of the puzzle for me, at least.

OK, that was simple enough to say, but it maybe a tall order to fill... lol. In most of us, the problem of PRIDE has to be eliminated ASAP, if we want to progress with Jesus and be enriched spiritually. Well, guess what, that goes directly against everything being taught in our schools now days from 1st grade thru college! It is most certainly "politically incorrect!" All the so-called smart people with higher degrees and stations in life will come down on you like a angry bee hive and worse. They will try hard to blow up your APC with their RPG! You won't have many friends, and people will call you crazy, stupid and weird, among other things. But as the apostle Paul said in Phil. 1:21, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." ~KJV. For folks like Billy Graham, the personal, close relationship with Jesus Christ, is/ was the highest point, achievement in his life! Paul counted every thing else in the world but a 'dung heap!' ~Phil. 3: 6. Hey! is that 'politically incorrect' enough for you?? Ha!

Reading and studying the bible is so important to me that I could equate it with ice cold lemonade in the middle of a furnace- like desert. It is my daily food and life blood. I will certainly need every scrap of scripture as these terrible 'end times' continue. Many of us are sick and tired of living in this cess pool of a Satanic wicked, 'politically correct' world, but we must stay the course until the Master returns to take us away-- or we die. And death is nothing more than A GATEWAY to Everlasting Life with Jesus for all honest, true unashamed Christians! Do YOU feel that way? Well, this is a litmus test, do you confess Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, and believe that the whole 66 books of the Bible are truely inspired of God, according to 2 Tinmothy 3:16, infallible in everyway?? Do you believe in Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood? If not-- you are calling Jesus a liar [See: Luke chapter 3].
Hello friends! These words and ideas are NOT 'negative' but Joyful! I just heard a new term for so-called 'Christians' [CHINO's] who only go to church on Christmas and Easter.... lol. I will tell you latter, after some of the intense heat, and struggle for prominence and notoriety tame down in this part of the country. People like my agnostic Mom would much prefer that I just shut up, don't make waves and go with the flow --[like a dead fish... lol]. I guess I will take a 'breather' of sorts for now. And so happy my knees are feeling better.

If there is any silver lining in our black cloud of pain and suffering-- it was the peace and quiet of just settling back in my easy chair and climbing into these great, soothing books of peace and inspiration. Hey-- TV can wait, and that boob tube will NOT get me to heaven. Just like any other positive action or work-- if the farmer keeps on procrastinating , the farm chores, plowing and planting won't get done, and then the 'tax man cometh...' So is putting off reading the Good Book to get the real facts. Actually, the tax man already came and went in our household, and now there is a smile on my face today as I got the daily snail mail from outside. Woo Woo! Pay the bills.

I really hope that you all get the book I am now enjoying, and it's made a noticeable change in my life-- better late than never.

Another hint: If you want the wrong people to stop reading your Blog-- just talk about the Bible, and that will scare them off... lol. This is too heavy and boring for them to "waste their time" with. And then, real biblical Christian have their own "language" so it's mostly gibberish for outsiders. Their eyes are blinded by the god of this system of things. So that will be my 'ticket' until our business is all over, and it may take my mind off my challenges.

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Brian sings lead)

Tom Schuckman

A New Suggested S.O.P. for my Blog....LOL.

Tom's Journal.

Disclaimer: I have endeavored to go back into my past Blog posts to delete any proper names of nurses or hospital staff that I mentioned. It was never meant to be mean-spirited or to hurt feelings and I will try hard never to that again. I only thought I could hold some people accountable for over seeing my wife's care and comfort as she is suffering so much lately. I am sorry if I offended anyone and only want to co-operate as much as possible while still maintaining my PATIENT ADVOCATE position of trust with my wife, Sharon.

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,
What a day! As soon as I got to the hospital I bumped into A doctor who began to chew me up one side and down the other, for publishing the truth in my Blog. Perish the thought! Poor old Soldier Tom's BIG sin...? I DARED to criticize the hospital staff on my Blog and actually used their FIRST names!! Ouch! I am pretty good at doing research and detective work so as to figure out who spread the word about my truthfulness that I have held fast to ever since I was a small boy raised by a strict but loving Dad. He told me that the 2 worst crimes/ sins in the Navy were lying and stealing. When a Court swears some body in, they say: "the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." As most of my old time friends know, I will try to be tactful and kind-- but I WILL TELL THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT ! Heaven save me from the wrath of the almighty medical community and staff of doctors and nurses-- those people [but only a small fraction] who think they are above the Law, who can not err or make mistakes!! Now would you like me to post medicals errors and wrongful deaths, surgeries that cut of the wrong body part,etc ....?? I have slaughtered their 'sacred cow' by being "politically incorrect !" Wake up, America! There is a two tier system and a dual Law here. The lower and middle class who are not 'well connected' MAY NEVER ponder or openly criticize why the TRUTH doesn't apply to some Americans -- but not others-- the 'Anointed Class'. Are we in India with a 'caste system??' And you better know that some prestigious 'groups' are so close knit that anything said about one person who has a condescending, aloft, ego-centric attitude or won't communicate with the patient advocate, just CANNOT be talked to in anything but a prostrated, humble peasant manner! Ahhh , yes 'the sacred gods of science and medicine.' I have always said how much I loved and respected talented, hard working doctors and nurses with their incredible healing arts, years of hard work and study! But it seems that TRUTH and Scriptures are ONLY APPLICABLE TO us underlings, the peasant class, and we are just plain stupid with no recourse to get proper hearing and input. We are required to answer for and be accountable for our actions, and when we are chastised or criticized we are supposed to just suck it up and try harder. I believe in the TRUTH and fair play! The Law says that we should all be accountable, and Blogging about something is one way to keep things straight to set the record and GET PEOPLE'S ATTENTION, when there seems to be no other recourse. The printed page works when dealing with unscrupulous politicians and gov't workers. AS a matter of fact, corruption will go on forever, until the spot light is shined on their wrong doing. [See: Gov. Blogevich of ILL.

OK, now....I expect to be murdered, slain for my beliefs and total acceptance of the Lord of Truth, Jesus Christ, I already know and accept that. Let these typed words and Journal testify to that fact and the hundreds of Patriot and Christian friends have my recorded facts to witness to that effect.
I promised A doctor today that I would 'candy coat' my Blog and NOT say anything naughty or controversial about the hospital staff, and most of us know the reason, don't we. If I stir up feelings of malcontent and tell the truth about the way my wife is being treated... accidents may happen. After all, Sharon's lungs are very bad and she is clinging to life right now. So I am going to play their game for now. I will not talk disparagingly of any staff members at Kenosha Mem. Hosp.

Too, I will no longer post ANYTHING concerning the treatment or progress concerning my dear wife on this Blog. I will email type of info and progress to specific people only, and I will expunge a few people on my email address list whom I think have caused problems concerning forwarding my Blog to the staff. Sorry, buy my wife's welfare rests in my hands and I will not jeopardize it by mouthing off about my own personal feelings anymore. So sorry. I might 'take care of business' after she is home free. Again I learned a powerful lesson about whom to talk to/ about/ blog and trust, and who not to. Anyone who works there at the hospital, full or part time, volunteer or what ever, will not have access to my personal thoughts and opinions. Please comment and tell me what you all think about this.... and if it's too personal, just email or call me:

Steering toward another subject, I know from a life long study of God's Word, the Bible, that there is now a rapid falling away from ANY truth. If the truth ruffles some feathers,especially those who make the rules, sparks will fly and the truth tellers will have to bear the wrath of those in power. The Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper, unfortunately, sad but true, and the Bible is scorned and made fun of. The Truth is only handy if it shows you in a good light. For a serious student of the bible [that means someone who have read the whole book cover to cover and STUDIES IT IN DEPTH, forever...] Jesus' words, "let your yes means yes and your no mean no," isn't valid, operational nor binding anymore for themajority of human beings nowdays. Sometimes that even bleeds over into our Legal/ Court system. If you commit a wrong and you are a well know, loved, celebrity or Congressman-- you can still get off the hook. Having money, being well-connected and famous CAN MANY TIMES get you a more favorable hearing and/ or a reduced sentence. [See: Bill Clinton, OJ Simpsom, and most congressmen... lol]. Our poor old working class is getting more ticked off by the day, not as dumb as the leaders think. Mr. Obama is therefore getting ready for trouble fromthe masses by organizing a special Army contingency group in the USA, and concentration camps-- just in case people want more TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY. Now remember, I said that I didn't want to delve into politics as it was a waste of my time, energy and counter productive, right? Heaven is my home, and I can always push that "J" button, when I am getting stressed out. But I can calmly, kindly still voice my personal opinions on this Christian based Journal. Tom Schuckman predicts that we shall not have this RIGHT and Freedom one year from now, and perhaps the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and please make a mental note of that. I hope that I am 100% wrong! I also love and fought for America, but Tom Schuckman predicts that there will be no America in one or two years! That ought to clean out the 'dead wood' and savage my "loyal" readers, eh? Again, I hope I am wrong-- but there is good reason that I so boldly proclaim these things. All the hundreds of people in many countries know that I am serious, well read, educated and sober. Glenn Beck takes the unacceptable, 'politically incorrect' stance too, along with many inner core biblical Christians, History buffs, etc. I was surprised to see so may other resepcted writers and journalists who share the same values, interests and philosphies, zeal that I personally do! These are critical times that are hard to deal with, and they call for critical thinking and actions.

BTW, being an independent, Freedom loving, outspoken, TRUTHFUL Journalist, being published is a few local rags and perhaps finishing my own booki the near future and having my own attorney tell me that I can legally voice my personal opinion and beliefs, I know that I COULD write flowery, poetic, smooth, milk toast, mamsy-pamsy, flattering posts to tickle every ones' eyes/ fancy. I choose not to do that. I want to make a difference in the world, however small. I can hold my own in declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and defending the Bible [but I won't waste my time arguing with a FOOL]. The pen is mightier than the sword-- I am gifted and talent in both areas.
The Union Grove City council didn't have any love for me either when I stood up several times in a big town hall meetings to slam what they wanted to do to many home owners in our modest, humble farm town... and at that time I fought hard against EMINENT DOMAIN ABUSE, and shortly after many states including WI passed a law prohibiting towns/ cities and local Gov't from hurting people by stealing their homes and property for an unjust nominal fee to build some stupid parking lot, etc! Yes, I had a small part in that and some called me a hero! I have at times had a hand in community action groups looking to make things safer for the public. My wife is an expert in ADA [THE AMERICAN DISABLILITES ACT]. I write my Congressional Reps. and Senators when I need to and so does my wife. And I am very vocal in laying bare all the corruption, lies, and butt dragging S.O.P's [STANDARD OPERATING PORCEDURES] of the VA system. If you were in combat fighting for your life, you would want me in your fox hole, OR IN A HOSPITAL fighting for your legal rights, you would want ME as your PATIENT ADVOCATE!! I am well known at AMC/ Chrysler for being bold and outspoken when I see / witness wrong doing, and I got several supervisors in deep trouble for doing illegal and immoral things. I am NOT a trouble maker or a busy body-- but this combat Veteran WILL fight back when corruption and wrong doing affects him or some loved one! I know well how certain entities don't like someone who bucks the system and the status quo-- but I am not a potted plant nor a toothless heel hound. I fight for what I believe in and those whom I love and care for. If the truth hurts-- it's just too darn bad.