Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Comment Moderation might Help.

Tom's Journal.

Now that I have more 'Comment moderation controls' activated, maybe I will feel more comfortable screening out butt-heads, toads, and slime who don't have a life of their own, but take delight in hurting other people. Like I said before, we KNOW that they are not Christians or they would not go out of their ways to butt in where they are not wanted. I sin every day and put my foot in MY mouth too, but I know how to cease and desist, to correct myself and try to get along-- without sacrificing my biblical principles.

I get a lot of my ideas from good bible based books and Christian radio. They do all the research and I harvest the goodies, while giving them the credit and benefit, and I have donated some bread a few times to WVCY- 107.7 FM- Milwaukee, but you can catch it on the Web too. While driving today, I heard the comparison of Obama's soon to be 'youth conscription' that looks exactly like the old 'Hitler Youth movement' of the 1930's! He doesn't hide much or leave much to the imagination. But with the dumb-ed down school system which I doubt teaches history anymore, how would anyone under the age of 50 even know or remember these things? Few people these days find History or the Bible refreshing and/ or interesting. Not to beat a dead horse, but I find it amazing how fast we we are changing in the USA over night into a Socialist state, where we can count on losing most if not all of our freedoms. Digging deeper, the Republicans are just as dirty, guilty of passing this Socialist One World Government back to Bush #1 and beyond! [Sp?] Fabian Socialism, just taking a stab at what I heard was pushed hard by the 'Kissinger group', of the Nixon era, but now I will have to go back and get all the facts straight. People in his tutelage are the ones in power now still doing what they do best!

But like a good level in carpentry or welding-- we always come back to the TRUTH of the Bible. I am still working the 'Jesus Button' regimen that was tested today [again], but it works at home. I don't lose my temper on the road much anymore.. so that's some progress. It's like 'spring steel' and always comes back to 'true,' if we continue to remember that all this political corruption, crap, is noting more than trash. I know that all real, biblical Christians must spread the Gospel to humanity as commanded and hold out the promises of Jesus Christ, the mercy of God to welcome us IF WE CHOSE TO HUMBLE OURSELVES and accept His Son. Sinner that I am-- I have a new, real happiness and joy for finally finding the key to drawing closer to Jesus, that works for me, and I will gladly share it with any honest hearted, sincere person. I offer my own email address: tschuckman@aol.com --that the wicked, cowards, fakes, scum bags won't do, for fear that they will 'blow their cover, and be found out-- they are afraid of the Sun [ and the Son].' Ha! They will all be exposed sooner or latter, and their only satisfaction comes from inflicting pain and misery just as they are led along by demons of the spirit realm. They know that their time is near-- just like the pesky flies in a Wisconsin Fall day, hungry for blood. Swatting a few gives me some satisfaction-- but why waste too much time and energy, when we could be praising the Lord? ! ? Matt. 7:6 tells about them aptly.

I own many versions of the bible, but from what I hear, the NASB [New American Standard Bible] seems to be one of the most accurate- yet easy enough to read/ understand. I see both sides of the argument, but for people coming out of our dumbed down [on purpose to keep the working class ignorant with "feel good" baloney] school system in America, I think that the KJV is too hard for most people to understand in a short amount of time! So some of the fundamental Christian churches feel that we need to get these younger folks on a crash course-- but still maintaining the accuracy of the scriptures. Sorry if I offend some of you, but that is what I have recently learned. The NIV is OK and tells things in a story -like format, IMHO. Use what ever you want-- but just use it! I don't want to waste more time in splitting hairs or being accused of being Legalistic, or myopic. I would rather let the small stuff go but nail the big stuff well. And if I am wrong or change my mind down the road-- you can nail me well... LOL.

Tomorrow ought to be another wild, woolly RUSH. But now to relax with some linguine and hot peppers. Deuce the Rottweiler went with me to day to get out of his rut too. Attached is a picture of our wonder dog, 'Deuce.'

P.S. I just heard on Fox News TV that Mr. Obama recently said that, 'America is NOT A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.' Technically, he may be right looking at the 52% of Americans who voted for him. He got about 90% of the Black vote, the Gay vote, the Pro-Abortion, the anti-gun, most of the Catholic vote,and all of the atheist/ agnostic vote! Go figure. BTW, I am only quoting recorded stats... And God said to Lot... 'f you can find only 10 good men in the city of Sodom, I will spare the city....' Well, it looks to me like the majority of Americans voted for THEIR messiah, and now they will have to live with their decision. 'Time to pay the Piper.....' Woo Woo!