Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think I'm getting the picture.

Tom's Journal.

I think I'm getting the picture.... lol.
Being old have a few perks [very few...] like being able to compare the present time with the past in your own life time. And as I have discussed before, a good student of History and the Bible has plenty of insight as to what will surely be repeated, what works and what won't. And a person can get good and sharp as a razor with the Bible just as it's referred to as a "Sword [Hebrews 4:12]." It can be used to cut, but also to HEAL, just like a surgeon's scalpel! And I had a few chances to witness today with the "Sword" and indeed, even a sinner that I am, according to the scriptures that is our fundamental JOB as Christians! We don't having any 'bragging rights' in heaven, but who wants to go before he Lord with an 'empty sack ?'

Well, today was one of those days when a person can just work the phone and computer most of the morning to yield just a few small grains of silver... work actually done/ accomplished. Sharon was usually the one who did that part for us and got good at it. We figured that in less than one year of owning my Golden Avenger power scooter that the chances were slim that the batteries would go bad-- so I bought the battery charger for $115., and the scooter still didn't charge-- so I called the tech guy up in Sheboygan, WI where I bought the fine chariot and he concurred that it must be the batteries which cost me another $144 ea. for 2 of them at Batteries Plus in Kenosha. And those 2 guys were about to quit when they couldn't figure out how to pop the seat and cowling from the chassis, but I held their feet to the fire.. gently.. and we all got it done. Darn!! Do I know how to spend money!! But I was hamstrung with out my scooter, and I wanted to see Sharon to bring her some needed items so she wouldn't have to walk around nude... and I gave her all the 'get well cards', etc too, plus a few presents. And we both needed to visit, pray and see each other. She is always improving and doing better and the physical therapists work her regularly, daily, so that she actually hurt her arm and shoulder from doing too much PT [exercise].

I had the hound dog along with me today in the truck and left the old cleaning lady home to finish cleaning the house. It hasn't been so clean in years-- and that's the way I like it! She is also teaching me more German which I love to learn, as she came over here from Germany about 1968. She told me the word for DUMB [as in stupid] today... lol.

I am coming to grips with some last 'fears' or realizations about the U.S. and world situation that no human can fix or correct... and just when you think you understood or had your mind and heart ready for the big boom-- there is a little 'sadness' in some of our hearts-- about leaving life as we know it on wicked, corrupt old earth. It's as if we know what will happen as we re-read and studied these prophecies for most of our lives-- but may have been lulled into a lazy restful sleep-- just like the intense boredom in Vietnam, and then all of a sudden: BOOM, BANG, POW-- you are in a surprise instant battle that gets people killed and blown up !! The scriptures talk a lot about NOT falling asleep on guard duty. And who of us is not tired of all the stress of the rat race of life, and wants to kick back and have a cold one for a day or two? And the devil doesn't make it any easier on us... Ha! We KNOW that there will be ultimate joy and happiness in heaven forever with Jesus that we prayed for all our Christian lives, but for some of mankind [especially in oppresive lands] the Rapture couldn't come fast enough to end the hunger, pain, sorrow. and misery of oppression, torture and killings of Chrisitans who try to practice their Faith, even quietly. American is too fat and ignorant to know about such things, except for many soldiers who have seen the 3rd world. My Dad and my uncle John saw such hunger and poverty while in the service/ over seas, and I did too. For the most part, I was used to working hard, paying bills and having what I wanted, PTL. But it's more than just being well fed and having the nice house and car [toys, and Steaks on the Bar- B -Q] now days-- it's the lust for POWER and CONTROL over other people! "Man has ruled man-- to his injury." Eccl. And it never ends... ever since Cain killed Abel.

Most Bible scholars and students I know think that the Rapture will come in the beginning of the 'Great Tribulation', so that means we will also endure want, persecution and hardship-- if not martyrdom too, to some extent-- but any way, we are in it for the long haul. Actually, that part is going on right now in the world! But we should not be fearful or preoccupied about this, but hold our heads HIGH because we realize that our SALVATION is near! Go figure, if most so-called 'Christians' [ CINO's] pray that prayer in Matt. 6:9... 'Our Father' all the time, are they not asking for 'God's Kingdom to Come??' But are they REALLY ready or desiring it?? In a strange, twisted way, Mr. Obama was correct that America is not as 'Christian nation' --if that is what he said -- [now] as the majority have chosen to vote for the big supporter of abortion... murder of the unborn and exporting it to other countries as well, plus all the other un-Godly perversions we now have-- if indeed that was his context. And I heard that Obama's new Hitler youth thing is under way and paid for now too. 'Get 'em while they're young and turn them against God!' Yep! Things are moving right alone and no body has what it takes to stop obama's machine, I guess. Am I the only one who sees these things, and why is it only the old and infirm/ disabled who have to pound on the doors of D.C. ??

Pretty soon I will be out of breath and blue in the face.

The doctors 'capped Sharon's Trach surgery in her throat tand removed the Trach tubes in her lungs, so they will just use some oxygen at night with her CPAP breathing machine and see how that works. If her oxygen level goes below a certain point the alarms will go off and a nurse will come in to check on her. I don't know if I told you all, but Sharon also has diabetes, and a few other goodies. I am finding out more bits and pieces about her surgery as time goes on, like the docs glued her sternum back together so there would not be such a scar. They took out all the other stitches today too. She is still wobbly on her feet. Oh the joys of getting old and retiring! Woo Woo! And my gas tank is empty again, but praise the Lord that we still have 'cheap gasoline' yet.