Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to wash a big hound dog.

Tom's Journal.

Standoff Suspects Surrender in Sheboygan

Two men accused of triggering a long standoff with Sheboygan police that caused neighbors to evacuate have given themselves up. More

Go figure: Sheboygan, WI is considered one of the most clean, pristine small cities in the USA. I think that Reader's Digest said it was in the top 20 places to raise a family in the good old Mid-West USA area. Yes indeed, things are just popping like pop corn these days. It just goes to show that there is no "safe place" to live anymore. Sad.

I called my wife a few times this morning and she said that the CPAP machine helped her sleep last night beautifully! Good sleep is key to repairing the body. A CPAP is a machine that helps people with Sleep Apnea and other COPD problems breathe better at night and I use one too --with oxygen. It uses a constant flow of pressured air that blows past any narrow air way or obstruction so the person doesn't wake up gasping for air 100 times a night. I broke my neck in a truck accident because of sleep apnea, but I was the only one who got hurt, PTL [Praise the Lord]. All my close friends will admit that God saved me so many times for some reason, where "normal" men would have died from shock alone in those near death mishaps! Being a power lifter helped too according to some ER doctors. that was my sport for the past 30 years and I loved the strength and power that helped me do everything easier.

It seems like 2 years in combat aviation in Vietnam: 1968-70 was NOTHING compared to the next 40 years back at home, and that's saying a lot. The stresses of divorce, kids getting into trouble, losing a job, having a spouse get sick, etc., can be just over whelming, IMHO. But the constant bombardment of negative things that happen to people, even when you are doing everything 'by the book', being careful, obeying the rules and laws-- can grind you into powder!

If it were not for Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit-- I would have given up long ago and blown away with the wind. Constant prayer and bible reading/ study, IMHO, are key to survival.

Well, now the doctors say that Sharon MIGHT come home on Friday or Saturday.

I will believe it when I see it... LOL.

Question: How do you get a big stubborn Rottweiler hound to GET INTO THE BATH TUB for a bath ???? That stinky boy really needs to get clean!

More and more, I am solidifying my thoughts on the world troubles in general and the constant stream of 'bad news' that badgers many Americans, with the 'Swine Flu', the great influx of Gov't sanctioned illegal aliens from our Southern border, the economy, forbidding the name "Jesus" to be spoken in prayer by military chaplains, etc. The Prez and the Dims hoping for another national disaster so he can take more control and freedom away from the American people. I am NOT saying that obama is the devil or the anti-Christ--- but God is "allowing" things to happen for a reason!! Just like in Eziekiel where it says that 'God will put hooks into the jaws of Gog of Magog and 'lead him' into a situation that will eventually 'clean his clock' forever! Ony bible students will understand what I am saying. So..... here's the message: Don't let all the razzle dazzle of these startling 'disasters' [and some of them probably 'man made' on purpose...] SIDE TRACK you into distracting you from your [our] Primary Objective--- JESUS!! Been there-- done that. I just want to share something good that took me, personally, 40 years to learn and overcome. Be aware of the news-- but don't be a 'news junky.'

"Be wrathful-- yet do not sin." But.... is it any wonder why America is on God's list:

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Wednesday, April 28, 2009
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Senate Approves Pro-Abortion Obama HHS Nominee Kathleen Sebelius
Pro-Life Groups Urge Senate to Oppose Pro-Abortion David Hamilton
Catholic Cardinal Meets Obama: Says President Denies He's Pro-Abortion
Pro-Abortion GOP Senator Specter Switches Parties, Now a Democrat
Congressional Bill Could Allow Tax Funding of Human Cloning for Research

Planned Parenthood Responds to Sexual Abuse-Abortion Coverup Video
U.S. News Editor Bonnie Erbe Attacks Exposure of Planned Parenthood
• Ohio Court Allows Legislator to Join Abortion-Sexual Abuse Coverup Case
Indiana Democrats Attempt to Sink Bill Limiting Abortion, Protecting Women
Montana Court Gets Pro-Life Legal Brief Opposing Assisted Suicide
Mexico City Sees Swine Flu Virus on Second Anniversary of OKing Abortion
Spokane College Subject of Hearing in Pro-Life Discrimination Case

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Advocates Win Free Speech Decision in Court

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Senate Votes to Approve Pro-Abortion Obama HHS Nominee Kathleen Sebelius
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The Senate voted on a lopsided 2-1 margin in favor of pro-abortion Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to become the next Health Secretary. Pro-life groups had opposed her nomination because of her lengthy pro-abortion record voting pro-life bills and her close connection with a late-term abortion practitioner. Senators voted 65 to 31 on Tuesday to confirm Sebelius as the secretary of Health and Human Services, approving yet another of President Barack Obama's pro-abortion nominees. As the health secretary, Sebelius could have an impact in crafting a health care plan that could cover abortions with taxpayer funds or require insurance companies to cover abortions in their plans. Sebelius could also issue new regulations overturning the protections President Bush put in place that protect pro-life doctors and medical centers as the Obama administration has proposed doing. During the debate leading abortion advocates promoted her for the position and used the recent swine flu epidemic as rationale to support her. See how your senators voted by going to the Full story at LifeNews.com

Coalition of Pro-Life Groups Urges Senate to Oppose Pro-Abortion David Hamilton
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- A coalition of pro-life groups sent a letter to members of the Senate today urging them to oppose the nomination of Judge David Hamilton to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamilton is President Barack Obama's first judicial nominee and he has handed down a decision blocking a key pro-life law. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday on his nomination. Hamilton was initially appointed by President Clinton to a district judgeship in Indiana in 1994 even though the ABA gave him a “not qualified” rating. In that position, Hamilton issued a series of rulings over seven years that prevented Indiana from implementing its informed consent law that would give women information about abortion's risks and alternatives. The letter, signed by leaders with Con