Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lawn Mower started on the First Pull.

Tom's Journal.

I couldn't believe my Sears Craftsman lawn mower started this Spring, today, on the FIRST pull! I am so out of shape and arthritic that I had to stop the mower every 5 minutes and sit down on the picnic table to catch my breath and rest my knees and back... lol. I could only do about 1/8th of the back yard grass cutting that grew to be about 8 inches high. We spend a lot of time in the back yard, eating out, grilling lunch, gardening and playing/ training the hound dog. And the sun shine really helps my skin psoriasis -- and I get the important vitamin D. Me and the sun are friends! But Sharon cannot tolerate too much sun, so she dresses accordingly and wears a hat.

I took Sharon to her scheduled beauty/ hair appointment earlier at 1PM, and our friend, Suzy, did a great job on my wife! Worth every penny, IMHO! So I think we got a lot done today, and I will certainly sleep good tonight. But Sharon left a piece of left over steak on the edge of the kitchen table at lunch time and the dog stole it in a heart beat! I told her so many times not to put food where the dog could easily get it..... duh. But I think that our good talk today had a good effect on Sharon, where we have to co-operate so I can manage the house keeping, as she is still on the mend and I don't want to see her get hurt or fall down. She uses a walker now to move around. Things are working out. I think I turned another corner and got my JOY back and love my wife more now that we work together. I said that it might be better if we eat our meals together at the kitchen table instead of by the TV. It's more of a "communion" that way, and kind of romantic. The TV is a "thief." I was so impressed with Sharon's new hair do that I took a picture of her this afternoon. Woo Woo! I serve HER meals now-- as she has always served me meals in the past. So I learned just how hard it is... 'and the shoe is on the other foot.' But I am not complaining and it's a labor of love-- and good for my humility [and my appreciation of her past hard work and service]. I bought some vitamins today and we always have fresh bananas and oranges to eat at home.

Friend, Wayne Bielgard, gave me another book to read, called, "SAFELY HOME" ~ by Randy Alcorn, about the daily persecution and martyrdom of Christians in India and China, that I just started to read today. Thank you, Wayne! Wayne conducts our group church Bible study at 0900 Sunday mornings, and then we attend the main worship service in the sanctuary. He is also the Christian Chaplin of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club.

Well, next I need to find some good young guy from church [I hope] to help me with the yard work/ mowing-- and I will pay him well, and then we need to till the garden and plant it soon. I love fresh, organic veggies!

I have a Milwaukee VA doctor's appointment in the morning, or else they won't give me my candy. Sharon will be home with the cleaning lady.
Now for a quick shower and bed. Good night.

another day in paradise