Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Day for Sun Therapy.

Tom's Journal.

2_roosters.wmv Great Country Song that's humorous.

Another great sunny Spring day where I believe I got somethings accomplished, including getting a
sunburn while reading my new Christian book about the persecution of Christians in China. I am full
of admiration, inspiration and zeal after reading how hard and dangerous those Christians have it over
compared to us rich, fat, lazy Americans. And I remembered that some parts of China are down
right COLD! I read where the author tried hard to use proper Chinese when penning that language in
the book, and I thought about memorizing some words to use on the people at the Chinese restaurant
that I love to eat at in Kenosha, WI., for a short witness to them. I have always been intrigued with
other cultures and languages.

The Oxygen Company guy came over today to deliver re-charged bottles of that precious gas so my
wife can breathe. We think that she will have to use oxygen 24/7 for the rest of her life, and that limits
what we can do and where we can travel somewhat. I use oxygen with my CPAP when I sleep at night.
Years ago we would have been croaked already, and that might happen yet as times get worse, and
Obama and the Dims might want to "thin the herd" to save money... LOL. That wouldn't
surprise me one bit. I hope some of you look into that new State of Montana gun law rights bill, etc.,
that might
be enacted soon, and that would throw a monkey wrench into obama's illegal power grab to force
un-Constitutional laws on the American people. But I really think that at the rate things are moving
down hill so fast right now for the worst, that something is going to pop before this year is over...
But that's just my personal opinion and observation that I won't clarify right now. The price of gas is
starting to go up again, and I THINK that it might go up towards $4/gallon by September. I am
desperately trying to pay off/ down all my 'plastic' $$$ NOW to offset the coming 'bad times.' We
are going
to eat more salads and baloney with our fresh garden tomatoes from the garden.

Sharon still gets dizzy and has trouble walking and is tired most of the time, but we think that she is
healing inside. Her heart/ chest area still hurts, and she may not lift more than one pound of weight.
I was irritated that she could not help me a bit with some of the house hold chores, but now I figure
that will just be my job for the next few months, or what ever, as she slowly gets her strength back,
and then we shall
see what she can help with, if anything.

I enjoyed Glenn Beck on Fox TV exposing just how crooked ACORN was, and is, with multiple voter
fraud in 14 states so far, and guess who funds them??? We do-- the taxpayers! Community Organizer
get their money from US. Did you ever wonder how the obamas got so rich? Who about Jesse
I don't even think
that most Americans give a hoot anymore.
We [I do] have to be more disciplined and Bible oriented so as not to get steamed up about the corrupt
politics that will surely get worse.... and what I really mean is, people like ME, who are bone tired of
fighting every battle that comes down the pike, taking on the establishment when no one else cared to,
Let us see if the younger guys have the where with all to carry the sword and the torch. Sometimes
I still get 'side tracked' into thinking it's still MY fight [stupid politics] when my main, primary thrust
is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! If we continue to pray, "let your Kingdom come-- let Your
will be done" -- we are talking about Rule from God-- from Heaven, not from man! Either we believe
what we preach, or we don't. The devil wants us to continue to 'polish the brass on our sinking ship'
while God's Kingdom draws closer every single day. We must understand that even if we are not
falling into gross sin-- we must remain PRODUCTIVE in God's interests in winning souls for Jesus.
After we die or are Raptured up, it will be too late. As Jesus told the parable about the Talents,
do we really want to show up with an 'empty sack' when the Lord asks us what we did with His interests?

My back yard is just getting too much for me to handle--- if only I could find a young man at church
to take care of that job, for reasonable pay/ compensation. Guess I will have to look in the papers.