Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prophetic Cartoon.

Tom's Journal.

This 'Prophetic Cartoon' was sent to me from a Christian lady, named Kim, from the church we used to attend in Kenosha, WI. Her hubby served with an Army Airborne unit years ago.

Subject: Prophetic Cartoon
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 23:50:17 -0700

****************************************************************************** ***


Please inform the people who receive your journal of this important issue. Congress is deciding whether to continue to fund NAIS right now, after already wasting over 100 million dollars of tax payer money on this program that dishonors our veterans.

"By forcing every veteran who owns even one animal to register their premises and report every movement of every animal they own to the government within 24 hours, NAIS would subject veterans who raise even a backyard flock of chickens to more government surveillance than illegal aliens, terrorists, and child molesters. If you support our veterans, you should be outraged...."

They cannot ignore the voices of our veterans. They need to hear from our veterans and their families. The link above will automatically notify your representatives that our veterans should not be treated this way based on your zip code. A comment from any member of an organization such as yours could not be ignored.

Mike Murphy