Friday, May 22, 2009

Provide Bibles for persecuted Christians.

Tom's Journal.

I am very happy to share the reply I just got from Randy Alcorn, in response to a question about getting involved with donating/ helping to supply Bibles for the persecuted Christians in China, India, etc., where the Gov't's jail, torture and murder real Christians who are caught practicing their Faith in Jesus and spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. This kind of satisfies an old craving for more 'combat' action/ excitment that I sometimes miss from my old Vietnam days, and riding my big Goldwing motorcycle. I figure that I want to do SOMETHING worth while so I don't go before the Lord with an 'empty bag'... LOL. And this will be a small part of my service to the Lord and a big 'thank you' for Him coming into my heart and saving me. I believe that sharing the Word of God must be one of our main priorities and the hall mark of our Christian Faith.

The VA cleaning lady helped me plant the family veggie garden today! And 2 neighbors came over to watch. I always share some of our fresh, organic produce with others, and we got 6 tomato plants, plus zucchini, cucumbers, kohlrabi, planted so far. I will shop for things that Sharon wants and bring it to her tomorrow morning, like flowers, oranges, etc, and her walker, plus get more cleaning supplies that Sue needs to help me clean the house, and some cat food. In an emergency, I will open up a can of sardines for the cat-- while I lock Deuce the hound in his cage until she gets done. Deuce is just a big old brute who eats up EVERYTHING in sight, even though I keep his bowl and water dish full all the time. When he steals the sardines he has the most terrible case of foul GAS! I don't feed him pork for that reason either... lol.

I miss Sharon and call her on the phone about 4-5 times a day. They got her walking with assistance, but they can't rush her, and they give her constant therapy every day. She shares the Gospel there with everyone she comes in contact with and makes friends easily, but it's lonely there with nothing much to do except read and TV. She will get a room mate on Monday.

Have a SAFE weekend!

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I would like to help provide Bibles for China. What organizations do you recommend?

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By Randy Alcorn
I've recently read your novel Safely Home and would like to provide Bibles for China. What organizations do you recommend?

Answered by Randy Alcorn

Bible League
PO Box 28000
Chicago, IL 60628

Open Doors with Brother Andrew
Open Doors USA
P O Box 27001
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Voice of the Martyrs
P O Box 443
Bartlesville, OK 74003

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